Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mallory Park Damage limitation

Returning home after a triple mechanical failure featuring, Rudge R2, The Bat and Ming.
Time to assess the damage. The Rudge engine was removed to examine the aftermath. I started to remove the Cylinder head and check the valves. The engine turned 30 degrees forward and 30 degrees back . With the timing case removed the valve timing appeared Ok, so it wasn't a recurrance of the gear slippage on the crankshaft which had happened previously, causing bent pushrods.
The head was removed and as you can see the piston had turned 45 degrees, next the barrel was lifted and revealed a bent conrod and damaged gudgeon pin. The piston remained in the barrel, you can see on removal of the piston from the barrel, what had actually failed. So a complete rebuild ready for Cadwell Park. Watch this space. More offerings to the God of Speed!
On speaking to Miki, to bring him up to date on the Rudge. (He is suffering from man flu) He informs me that he has received a new set of Morgo barrels and pistons, and has started to rebuild the Bats engine. Well done that man.
Today I spoke to Nick Weston about Mings engine, which is being rebuilt as we speak. He tells
me that I am very lucky it didn't blow itself to pieces. And that the cause was a faulty conrod bearing. He informs me that the engine will be ready for Cadwell Park. Many thanks Nick.
Well that wraps up this update. Have a look at the picture and videos.