Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Two days before first pratice.

well, it has been a long winter and I have spent many a long evening in the unit rebuilding the BAT outfit. We finally fired it up for the first time on Sunday, and discovered a serious leak to the front push rod tube so I had to do a quick top end strip to replace what turned out to be a damaged tube. Thanks as usual to Monty of Monty's Classics for producing the necessary parts on the spot.

Phil has also just finished the rebuild of the 350 triumph, after some problems with the interspan ignition, and had the bike running on Sunday as well.
It seems we have all been plagued with ignition problems, as Chris has only just sorted out the ignition on Ming, which is running a new engine this season.

All my gear loaded in the back of my new van. Practice on Friday. I will give an update after the event.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Mallory Park

Mallory Park .

The test session this March went well for the Triumph Kneeler outfit , Colin was rock steady in the chair and we had reasonable speed, it was bloody cold though , and we were ready for the new season.Little did we know what was in store for us ,but more of that later.

Race Day Mallory Park.

This year I have converted an old caravan to carry the race outfit and gear and perfect for me and Daphne to live in over the weekend , it worked well all though the handling was a bit suspect untill I got the balance right on the drive up , what a difference , beats a tent  ,very warm and we know how windy Mallory is . We did have a problem with a 12v coil but otherwise the Triumph went well and we passed the noise test , it was running like a train and we came away pleased with our efforts.          

Cadwell Park VMCC 50th anniversary.

This event started on the Friday and there were many exotic machines and riders for that matter , the weather was a little unsettled starting with a monsoon just as we arrived on Thursday eve but it  soon passed. I have a few pictures to look at and I stuck a GO Pro on the outfit for your viewing ,we failed the noise test 3 times,just scraping through and after a big effort got it down to 107 db , thank Colin for your efforts,briefly on the Saturday we had flying stars but were down on straight line speed partly because the exhaust was blocked,damm BMWs got shunted by Andy Hunt on his quick Royal Enfield on Park straight  , but allways the gent he said sorry , its all part of racing I said , great fun.

Sunday race day was quite eventfull ,.First race  we were at the front briefly going up the hill to Park Striaght when we were hit big time and spun out ,Nick Weston commented afterwards ,and said well done for controlling it ,found out it was a 1000cc Vincent ,Julian  didnt say sorry , takes allsorts I suppose ,any way lost the concentration but was on it again, catching and passing several outfits, we had a right royal battle with Robin Blowers on his BSA A 10, wheel to wheel like the good old days with Miki and Phil on the Bat , we passed him coming out of Barn and caught Mark and Sue Whitticker on there  mint BSA A10 , we were going flat out into Mansfield and the engine sounded ok,through the chicane and up the mountain wheel spinning past the club house into Barn then onto the striaght ,then bang, it was like we were an old aircraft that had bean shot ,oil and smoke everywhere ,that was the end of that.
On stripping the motor the three piece crankshaft was in pieces ,total wreck, now we had to rebuild it for Geddine , good job I had spares. like to say thankyou to Lenny for supplying parts . 

Belgian classic TT Gedinne 2016

After a complete rebuild of the Triumph motor and a few oil cooling mods we were tested and ready , the ferry booked and a pre arranged meet with Colin in Dover to hitch the caravan to his van we left England for Belgium. Arriving Thursday eve and found a cracking little site in the paddock over the bridge  ,after signing on and scrutineering  we had a beer and suprised with seeing David Sykes , Adam Pope Trevor Johnson ,a very good turn out for the sidecar crews, from GB .
Friday practice went well ,the Triumph was pulling like a train and had good speed, it was dry but not as hot as last year ,one note to self , GR1 side car next year ,the group we were in GR2  was bloody quick ,we were outclassed ,in the race on Saturday allthough we did pass several BMW outfits they come by on the straight bits.
Adam and John won there class on the Triumph big wheeler and David got a second on the Harley Davidson with his french passenger Albert, well done, so there is hope for us Miki eh.

On Sunday after a late night it was an early wet race , we were flying ,drifting and spinning wheels ,battling with another BMW after a cracking start carving my way through the grid , allthough we finished at the back of the race we enjoyed ourselves and the bike did us proud , l think I used One Whitworth spanner all weekend to check the barrel nuts and spray the chains, that was it , fantastic.


Next year we are running a new Triumph engine supplied by Lenny Pallister, it has Thunder crankcases ,and some special bits inside , cant say what but its still a 749cc 
and we intend to race in the pre TT classic IOM at ,Southern 100 circuit and several BHR VMCC meetings , with Belguim on the list.

Good luck to my team mates , Chris 

Monday, 5 December 2016

Winter rebuilds 2016

Hi all.
Winter is here and we are all busy in the garage building the bikes for next year.
I have finally got the BAT on the bench and I have started a full rebuild for next season. First practice next year is on March 24th 2017, my 60th birthday so I won't forget that deadline for the rebuilds!

I am also doing a full engine rebuild on the Robert Burke Triumph 500 metisse. I am still trying to get the megacycle cams to perform as they should and have decided to try upping the compression a tad to see if that helps the torque.
Phil has got the 350 Triumph engine apart and is fitting new rods etc.
We are planning to compete at Bonneville Speed Week USA in 2018 and this winter's rebuilds have got their tech spec in mind!
Chris and Colin are building a new engine for their Triumph outfit at the moment. I expect Chris will update you on their trip to Gedinne this year shortly.
We are going to Pendine Speed Week in Wales next May to try out the BAT and the 350 on the sand again. We will be hoping for records again.
I am away over Xmas but will update this site again in Jan.
Cheers, Miki

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Pendine sands speed week 21st-22nd May 2016

Pendine speed week.
 May 21st/22nd 2016
Pendine sands.
 A straightliners event.
Me and Phil drove up separately and we both got caught in traffic at one time or another, but arrived in the paddock late afternoon in the rain.
I was fortunate to have travelled up with Rhona, who had booked us in to a hotel, so Phil was left to hold the fort, and the gazebo, for the rest of the evening! High winds meant our new gazebo ended up banging on Phil’s van asking to be taken down, at a difficult time due to rain etc.

Before I left the paddock on Friday we both had a chat to one of the teams there, Desperate Dan’s, who told us about the scrutineering rules for the event which we had unfortunately ignored during our rush to get the bikes ready for the event. This led to slight concern about the lack of steering damper on my part and the lack of cut-off switches on both our parts! Luckily we got everything sorted before scrutineering the next morning.
So Saturday was wet. We also didn’t take the tides into account and realised that we wouldn’t be starting the days racing until the afternoon, which actually gave us plenty of time to get the bikes ready.
Luckily for us, our friends Mark and Ian turned up to watch the weekend’s events and so we quickly roped them in to being pit crew for the weekend, which was a good job for us as I think we would have struggled to get through the weekend on our own.
We were in the queue for the first run of the day, the top speed kilometre, when one of the first bikes away, a massive Harley, crashed at the end of the run. This caused a delay of an hour and a half which meant we only got one run on Saturday. Luckily the Harley rider got away with only a broken collarbone and thumb.
We both took it steady on that first run, being unsure of the sand conditions and also never having raced on the sand, but still managed to get our first new record under the belt. Phil did the kilo at 86.732mph and I did it at 88.185mph.

A few beers in the evening rounded off a wet but interesting first day.
Sunday was a very different day. The weather was amazing and we felt in a better position to gun it on the sand after having a practice run the day before.
The first runs were for the one mile record, and Phil went off first and managed another new record at 97.090mph. My first run ended rather suddenly due to electrical failure and a slipping clutch so I headed back to the pits for a quick repair session.
The next runs were for the mile and a half records, and Phil set a 97.877mph on the first run and a new record of 98.096mph on the second.

I also had two runs at the mile and a half. My first time was 100.982mph and after taking the baffles out of the exhaust, my second run set a new record of 108.28mph.
I was the last bike to run on the Sunday and felt lucky to have got the second run in after having to retreat to the paddock for an hour to fix the clutch.

We met several teams over the course of the weekend that are regulars at Bonneville Speed Week in America, and we picked up some useful contacts for our pending trip.
We thanked the organisers at Straightliners for a great weekend and then packed down and headed off home with a total of five new records achieved.

What a fantastic first time out with the Straightliners club! Thanks to everyone for their help, especially Mark and Ian, and Rhona and of course Barney. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Mallory Park 9th 10th April 2016

Mallory Park  BHR 

9th 10th April 2016

We arrived in good time to sort the tent before dark ,still very cold but this time Daphne accompanied me and was a great help over the weekend . 

Miki , Phil and Colin were all present and the weekend started well ,all the machines past noise test and we prepared to practice for the first race . Phil's Triumph failed going around Gerrards right hander and that was that for him ,he decided to go home to investigate the cause ,  The Kneeler Ming was not having it also with oil pressure and electrical problems we only practiced and had a slow race on Sunday , this was not good  ,Thankyou Colin for your support , Miki had a trouble free weekend after his efforts with only miner issues and looked fast , not sure of lap times ,but his machine kept going , This was a test for a future event , Phil and Miki are going to push the bikes and themselves to the limit in a straight line and attempt to break the UK land speed record in there class , but more of that later, It was good to see Lenny and Trevor on Sunday along with Malcom and Donna  ,the weather was very good and the racing was excellent .Heres looking forward to Darly Moor .

mallory park 18th March 2016

Mallory Park , 18th march 2016

So here we are once again test session before the start of the season , l arrived early evening to watch the cyclist lap the circuit untill dark ,some kept going with there lights on till 9pm, it was very cold and not many riders were in the paddock. 
Colin arrived ,then Phil who was testing his 350 Triumph but more of that later. No Miki who had work comittments, Colin sorted my tent and it was the coldest night experienced for a long time. Ice on the tent ,well it was March after all. In the morning after the bikes were looked over the session started unlike the Ming who refused to fire, like l said it was cold but eventually he fired up and sounded good. Our first laps on the outfit were steady and we soon got up to race speed, only problem we had was a dodgy master cylinder which was replaced for the race meeting, I left the session in hi hopes looking forward to the race meeting ,little did l know what was instore for us all , thats another story .

Monday, 14 December 2015

Angelsey 2015

Angelsey 2015 epilog 

I found these pictures of the Triumph Tiger 80 after the engine blew up ,happy days .

Belgium classic TT 2015

Belgian classic tt 2015

Tuesday, 1 December 2015


I was looking forward to this event , being the track where I cut my teeth as a rooki bike racer on my Triumph Thruxton bonneville way back in the late seventies ,but thats another story , This time Daphne traveled up in the car with me arriving very late in the dark and the rain , thanks for your support babes.

Practice went well on the outfit , Colin as ever working the chair to good effect ,we were ready,and had some cracking races finishing in the top 5 well done mate.

The meeting being a bit special , the tenth year since Trevor Johnson brother passed away and Tims bike ( ex Miki Sprosen ) had been race prepped by Mervin Stratford and son ,nice job , in Tim Johnson's memory a team of guys pushed the bike around the circuit drinking beer and recalling good memories of days past,


Well that was certainly an  interesting circuit , I have some pictures of the 350 before and after the engine threw its dummy out of the cot and totally recked the motor, it made life very interesting when you are flat out on the back straight . The marshals said ,and I quote , you were lucky boyo unquote , dam thing nearly spat me off, any way we can rebuild it with a Carrillo rod this time.

Colin and myself went well on the outfit ,still learning the track ,both pleased with the results , you have to be a little cautious ,specially on the cork screw ,we had some fun and enjoyed the event.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Catch up since Belgium

Hi there.
Sorry for the delay in posting once again but working away has got in the way.
Hopefully Chris will post some photo's soon as he is the man with the camera!
Gedinne was amazing. The weather was baking hot the whole time except for the thunderstorm on Sunday afternoon which made for a scary finish to the weekend. Road racing is definitely a whole different ballgame to short circuit racing.
As usual me and Phil ended up with very similar times, with Phil ahead by a few hundredths of a second by the end of the weekend. We both managed a three minute lap which was our aim on arrival at Gedinne so very happy with that. Our heartfelt thanks go to Stu and Andy for their invaluable support throughout the weekend. Stu even took us to the local supermarket to buy the beers!  
Chris and Colin had a great time on the outfit up until Chris ended up in the straw bales and broke his leg. I am sure he will tell the tale soon enough.
A few weeks later and we were all at Cadwell for the last meeting of the season. Chris came with me but only to watch as his leg was still braced up.
I nudged closer to the 2 min lap with a 2.02 and once again Phil was not far behind. The weather was fantastic and the turnout was huge, some of the biggest grids for a long time. There were 35 starters in my races.
We are home now and starting work for next year. I have stripped the daytona engine and will be fitting a better set of cams for next year, as well as a better exhaust. We intend to go to Pendine sands in May 2016 to try our hands at straightline speed racing so we need to do a fair bit of bike protection before then to stop the sand, which as you know can get everywhere!
I will try and get the boys to add some more info shortly. Cheers, Miki.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Bonjour from Gedinne!

Full updates to come soon but for now, here's some Monty's Classic Motorcycles Team Wildcard highights so far from this totally awesome Belgian TT circuit.

Day 1 (Friday): All Team Wildcard riders successfully qualified and got prepped for our first ever TT races.
Day 2 (Saturday): All Team Wildcard riders successfully finished their first races, with a number of personal targets achieved.

On a personal level, this circuit is beyond amazing!  Can't wait to get stuck into the final day's races.

Also thanks so much to Stu Noble and Andy Hunt and Yvonne for their guidance and support and congrats on top tier placings in their first races.

Au revoir pour le moment,

Team Wildcard.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Gedinne Here We Come!

Final preps all coming together for the Team Wildcard adventure out to the Belgium Classic TT (www.crmb.be)

And now we even have our own awesome Team Wildcard T-shirts courtesy of the brilliant Monty's Classic Motorcycles (www.montysbritishclassicmotorcycles.com)

Thanks so much to Monty & Ann and see you in Gedinne!

We'll keep you updated with short blogs and pictures as and when we can get on wifi throughout this roadtrip.

Team Wildcard.

Friday, 14 August 2015

quick catch up before the Belgium Classic TT

Hi there. I have been away working since Anglesey and so haven't been to the last two meetings. I am sure the other guys will post a write up about Croft and Lydden soon.
Meanwhile, we are off to Belgium next week to enter the Classic TT. Me on Robert Burke's Triumph 500 daytona, Phil on Lenny's Triumph 350 and Wickett on Ming, his 750 Triumph outfit. I will post a blog all about it when we get back. Thanks in advance to Monty and Ann at Monty's Classic Motorcycles for their help and support. See you there! Miki

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Mallory 11/12th April 2015

So much for keeping the blog going through the winter!
It has been a lot of work for all of us to get ready for this season. I have built a completely new engine for the Daytona Matisse and I have also fitted a new engine and gearbox the the BAT outfit. The outfit now boasts a norton crank triumph engine with a five speed box and belt drive. Both Phil and Chris have worked through the winter getting their respective bikes ready, with Chris now riding a pre war Triumph 350 Tiger 80 as well as Ming the Triumph 750 outfit.
We all made it to Mallory practice with varying degrees of success.   The Daytona ran OK but there were a lot of settings to get right. The BAT had teething problems as well. A leaking fuel pump, a badly fitted gear change lever and a poorly charged interspan ignition made for a stop start practice.
Chris had a few problems with Ming  and also seized the 350. Phil's 350 ran fine as usual.

Back home before first race at Mallory has seen a lot of prep work. I have stripped the new Daytona engine and changed a few settings. I changed the gear change on the BAT as well as fixing a few exhaust holes.
Chris had the 350 re-bored and put it back together. He also fitted a new ignition system on the Ming.

So to the first race of the season at Mallory Park. The three of us travelled up together in my luton sprinter with the two outfits and three bikes in the back. We met Colin in the paddock and the team were together and ready to go.
I was on crutches for the weekend due to a torn knee ligament so wasn't fully up to race speed but did my best with the help of the rest of the team. The BAT was suffering from interspan problems, it wouldn't hold a charge so we only went out on a couple of occasions for a few laps. It turned out that the battery pack was faulty and I have now fitted a new one ready for Anglesea.
The Daytona was getting better but was overgeared. The clutch nut came loose  and caused me to miss one race. We only had one race on the Sunday and I managed to get a 1m 10s which was my target for that meeting.
Chris had some great races on the Ming but suffered with ignition problems on the 350.
Phil had his usual success story on the 350 and went well all weekend.
We are all off to Anglesea next week in the luton. I will get some photos to post here from Anglesea.
Voting has just finished as I write this so I wonder who our glorious leader will be tomorrow? I hope they abolish noise testing as their first act as prime minister!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


This was one of the best BHR race meetings we have had for a long time. The weather was fantastic for all three days ( Friday was a classic track day which we used for testing), and the grids were full to bursting.
There were over three hundred entries and the place was buzzing all weekend.
Me and Phil turned up on the Thursday night ready for the Friday track day. Phil's van was loosing a lot of water on the way up, more on this later. Friday morning briefing saw the pair of us in the fast session for the day and there seemed to be a lot of quick Jap bikes there but after the first outing we were happy to be in that group. I was having problems with power loss on the 500 metisse that I put down to fuel but after a word with Phil we pinpointed a loose ignition lead and all was well again. Phil spent the day on the 350 Triumph and after adjusting the valve timing a couple of times, found the setting that gave him the quickest lap times and kept it at that for the weekend. Phil was also pleased to get a compliment about his smooth riding from Roger Moss who was out on his Scott.

Now a quick write up from Chris.

Good to see old friends at Cadwell Park when arriving in the pits ,stopping briefly for a fish supper in Wragby, Colin my passenger had arrived with the Westlake Triumph and a really old Cyclomaster pushbike for a bit of fun.
On the Saturday, practice went well on the Triumph outfit (Ming) with Colin my passenger, and also the Westlake, after a few laps I started to lap quicker ,but still off the pace of Miki and Phil by a full 10 seconds , saying that the outfit was flying , with full grids I had my work cut out, and we both worked hard to stay midfield in the first race . second race in the Formula 750  I finished midfield , I knew I was going quicker up the mountain ,by the wheelie resulting from the extra speed ,enjoyed that , but unfortunately ended with mechanical failure, still finished the race.
 In the evening the club was buzzing with good music and a good ole singsong ,many beers later we retired to be Trevored, with night caps.
Sunday the Westlake refused to run and was retired , the out fit ran well in the first race with some brilliant racing but started to misfire towards the end of each race , The over fifties race also went well but the misfire returned and was retired for the last race .
Overall a brilliant weekend and some excellent racing, with no major machine failures .

Thank's Chris. I will just add that despite the mechanical setbacks here at Cadwell, Chris and Colin still managed a very respectable 4th overall in the 2014 championship. Well done guys!
So to Phil and the Bantam. Phil rode the lc Bantam for the weekend which went well but was a little underpowered compared to normal. He still gained some much needed points with finishes around 7th place and ended up 4th in the 2014 Bantam championship which was a good result.
Lenny's 350 Triumph was going really well as usual with Phil at the helm. Phil's best position of the weekend was 5th and there was some close racing. In Saturday afternoon's race Phil finished 100th of a second behind Paul Matravers! Once again it was a 4th place in the 2014 championship for Phil and team wildcard.

So now it is me ( Miki ) on the Triumph Rickman Mettise 500, on loan from Robert Burke. I have only been able to do half of this year's race meetings due the the pressures of work, so I was really looking forward to Cadwell. I finished three races throughout the weekend, missing one due to the tailpipe blowing off in the assembly area! My first finish was 10th, followed by a 6th and then a 5th. The bike is still in early stages of development and I know it will be going a lot quicker next year. I finished 6th in the 2014 championship.
Me and Phil had a little side bet going on at Cadwell for the fastest lap of the meeting and that was a close run thing indeed. I finally stole it by 0.35 of a second!
So that was Cadwell, one of the best meetings we have had for ages. Back home now to strip the bikes ready for winter rebuilding. Test day is on March 27th 2015 ( Phil's birthday) so we had better get on with it.
I will be blogging our winter progress as much as possible.
See you all soon.
By the way, Phil had major engine failure in the van on the way home so he has more than just bike engines to work on now!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Darley Moor 26/27th July

Phil made his own way to Darley Moor this weekend as Both Miki and Chris were unable to come due to work commitments. Luckily for Phil, Trevor and Malc were there on the outfit to keep him company!
The weather was hot and dry for the whole weekend which led to some great racing.
Sat saw Phil out first on the Triumph 350.

The first race went well with Phil managing a 4th place. In race two Phil had a poor start being crowded out and dropping back but made up ground throughout the race. The handling was better and Phil finished the race in 5th place.

First race for the lc bantam was a bit of a panic due to a faulty water pump discovered just prior to the start of the race. Phil managed the start but felt the power dropping off throughout the race, finishing 6th in the end.
The second bantam race of the Saturday saw the power dropping off on the lc again, and finally nipping up on the hairpin in the fourth lap. It turned out that the barrel stud had sheared off in the crankcase and the engine had overheated. This meant that Phil was on the trusty spare Bantam, Josie, for the Sunday races.

Sunday was dry and bright and saw Phil back out on Lenny's 350 Triumph. Starting the first race of the day at the back of the grid, Phil fought his way up to third place by the end of the first lap, and hung on to finish in third place, just ahead of  Paul Matravers.
The second race of the day saw Phil once again finish in third place, putting in his fastest lap of the weekend. By his reckoning he is now fourth in the championship.

Sunday saw Phil out on the air cooled Bantam which is much slower than the lc but still gave Phil a good bit of track time and two finishes of 7th and 8th.

All in all a great meeting, I wish we all could have been there! Roll on Cadwell.

Lydden Hill July 5/6th 2014

 Lydden Hill - July 5/6 2014

Phil had quite a long haul to the race meeting with H20 leaking out from the water pump, needing filling every 25 miles , he made it and prepared for the racing , I had a steady drive , being misled by the GPS twice but arrived and had a beer after saying hello to Trevor and Lenny, and Colin who arrived later with two bikes ,my ride ,the John Caffrey Weslake and a very unusual Puch.The weather was glorious on Friday but a complete change for Saturday practice .

Both of Phils bikes went well in practice except the rear shocks (T21) needed softer settings , Ming was pulling like a train and sounded good with no real issues and we all were ready for a good weekend event .

The track was drying and Phil after a good start finished 4th on the Triumph with suspension tweeks paying off. T21s second race after another tweek on the shocks did'nt fair well and was to soft ,but still managed to finish 6th 
First race on the outfit went very well chasing Dennis and Sophie who were leading , we finished second , well done Colin .
Phil riding the LC 'Elsie Bantam was flying in the first race finishing 4th , the second race he had problems with the throttle but still managed 5th .
Colin and myself had a glorious start on pole in the sidecar race, leading for 2 laps , nudged by Dennis and Sophie who passed us and got away , but we slowly started to catch them,but going into Devils elbow the engine in the outfit let go and we stopped DNF .
Had a good P6 parade ride on the Westlake with a good scrap with a similar machine and shook hands with the rider , looking forward to having more rides on the bike  

Friday, 27 June 2014

Mallory Park 14/15 June 2014

The sun was shining this time and was perfect for the weekends racing ,which was well attended,Trevor and Phil were there when I arrived ,Colin arrived shortly after with the Westlake special , my ride , but more of that later ,Miki was away on business so no BAT outfit.
Race day scrutinering  sorted all machines had to be noise tested before racing , thats when my troubles started failing the test and with major clutch problems , job done we passed ,just at 105 db , Colin borrowed 2 baffles we scrapped in .
Saturday: Phil out on the Triumph with Trevor ,Velocette , went well ,but again had handling problems in the very fast Gerrards right hander , Trevor had similar problems but down the straight ,recently having fitted new head race bearings which were to tall .
The bantam went well ,Phil believing he could go quicker finishing 5th ( with the new bigger carb).
Outfit ran well but we had major clutch slip on the power so DNF, boil an egg on that thing .
Westlake was going out in the P6 parade but Carbs had no drain plugs so that was that , sorted a few other things though, nice bike .
Phil and Trevor in the 350 race went well but still suffered from handling problems , saying that Phil still managed 7th  and Trevor had a good race, beating an Areal red Hunter home .
Bantam race saw Phil ride a better race gaining 6th plce after scrapping for 3rd with four bantams crossing the line with a photo finish .
Triumph outfit Ming had a very good start but still plagued with clutch problems that got worse DNF. Engine still going well though , Colin raced with David Sykes on the Harley Davidson but he had gearbox issues and later changed the engine and box.
Verner arrived on a 1930s Sunbeam and was good company .

Sunday: Phil had a good ride on the Triumph finishing 8th ,but it was still trying to throw him off in Gerrards , same for Trevor finishing behind the Areal this time.
Phil very pleased with new bigger carb 5th fastest lap of the weekend .
The outfit out again but suspected head gasket failure , still managed to stay with the front runners untill the engine slowed DNF, head off in the lunch break new gasket and fitted in record time viewed and encouraged by Phil and Monty ( Montys Classic bikes) with Paul who rode up from Plymouth who gave much encouragement.

Phils last race on the Triumph went well , engine running like a train finishing 9th.
Trevor retired the Velo before it spot him off , with massive tank slappers.
The last side car race we were ready , on pole position , very focused ,with Dennis beside us on the grid , red lights on ,then were off , first into Gerrards leading , Dennis came by us into Edwinas ,but missed a gear coming out ,we were in front again , into the hairpin ,very crowded , out of the bustop , a BMW kneeler and Dennis on theTriumph came by , our engine slowed and very hot we retired , a great race though , brilliant passenger well done Colin .

Phil with raised spirits and very keen on the Bantam last race of the weekend went well crossing the line with 1/2 a second them ,Phil missing out on 5th place by 300th of a second ,wow that was close ,well done Phil.

Over all a good weekend ,even though the outfit Ming showed no mercy , Phil finished well 
good company good racing and the sun was shining , we all drove home .

Lydden Hill , bring it on eh 

                                      Mings Pilot 

The Three Sisters 10/11 May 2014

A very wet Three Sisters greeted Phil , Miki and Chris and Colin Banks ,my new side car rider .The mood was very apprehensive , because of the conditions ,very slippy ,Phil's nemesis,(he lost a little bit of himself there ) .The event was generally down on competitors ,but that being said we were ready to do the business .

Saturday: , on the BSA ,Phils first race was wet he was going well but the race was red flagged .
Second bantam race ,a fair start ,but Phil had tyre problems and a few scary moments ,lowered the pressures and had a better ride in the cup race .

Triumph 350 /21 first race was dry he diced and beat 2 /350 Manx Nortons .
Second race race was very wet , he had a flying start and finished 2nd .

Miki on the 500 Rickman Mettise ,good choice of bike, but did not  feel happy about the riding conditions , a concern for all.A steady ride , I think we all needed a boat  it was bad on the tack.

Sidecar : Myself and Colin worked well on theTriumph  kneeler  outfit Ming , new circuit and new passenger ,we had some wicked slides (easer on the side car ) reminded me of going round the Tamar Inn @ Calstock Bike Festival ,but thats another story.
The racing was very wet but great fun , Colin is a brilliant passenger having ridden with Tony Bannister (big wheeler ) for several years.Colin enjoyed the outfit and helped to achieve our first win .

Sunday: Bsa ,First race Phil was flying in the wet , right tyre pressures and finished 4th .
Final race on the Bsa again he went well putting Phil  4th in the Bantam championship.
Phil finished 3rd on the Triumph even though he had handling problems .
Miki , Sunday, a very focused rider chatted about the conditions and said, in the wet you gotta push hard to heat the tyres ,he said , for more grip , it worked ,he pushed the limits as phil did and started to enjoy the racing and looked really smooth ,ending the event with a smile and in one piece , and off to bonny Scotland with Rona for a wellcomed break .  

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Anglesey 12/13th April

Well, we had a good drive up from Cornwall to the beautiful Isle of Anglesey, with Phil driving and three bikes in the back of the van. Unfortunately Chris couldn't make this, our first meeting, due to injury. We arrived around 5.30pm and moved into our new garage which we had for the weekend and shared with Mick Potter, another Bantam racer.

The weather stayed dry and even sunny at times throughout the weekend but it was really cold. I am glad I packed my thermals!
Saturday practice went smoothly for the both of us and then Phil was straight out on the lc Bantam for the first race of the day.
 There were a lot of fast Bantams out there and it looks like it is going to be a close fought season. Phil managed a sixth place in that first race and followed that with a fifth in the afternoon. Michael Brown had his first ever win in this race! In the third and final Bantam race of the day, Phil got another fifth place and set his fastest lap time of the meeting.
The work that Phil has been doing over the winter on the 350 Triumph appears to be paying off already as Phil got a forth and a fifth place in the days 350 races.
. I took the Metisse out for three races on the Saturday and managed a 7th, 5th and 4th. This bike is still very much in the development stage though, and is still several seconds a lap slower that Phil's demon 350.

We finished off the first day with a couple of well earned beers and did a quick bit of prep work on the bikes ready for the morning.
Sunday saw Phil out for two more Bantam races. After finishing fifth in the first race, Phil did a quick gearing change on the Bantam and managed a forth in the last race. The Bantam started playing up a bit in the last race so Phil will be doing an engine strip when we get home.
The T21 needed a couple of temporary repairs to the rear mudguard and front number plate before going out for the first of three races. He finished forth in this race and the next, and fifth in the final 350 race of the day.  We think this might have left Phil lying in third place in the 350 championship after the first meeting.
I only managed two of the three races planned for the Metisse as I had to pull out of the second race on the starting line due to clutch problems. I thought the clutch was slipping and managed to over tighten it! It turned out that the clutch was fine and it was, in fact, jumping out of third gear at around 6k.
Anyway, I managed a 5th and a 3rd in my races with my lap times going down steadily throughout the weekend. Still very early days yet but a good start.
All in all a fantastic weekend meeting and we have both come home fired up and ready to sort the bikes out for Three Sisters which is our next meeting in Wigan on 10/11th May.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Practice for the new season went well at Mallory park, but was very cold, Phil's 350 Triumph was reluctant to start even on Ben's monster rollers, but eventually it spluttered into life, the other concern was tyre temperature , it was colder than a witches T.., but we all persevered and had no major offs. The Bantam went well for Phil with no issues, Jose on standby as always 
                         Miki was trying out his new ride 'the flying brick ' BMW for BEARS , quite frankly it was an accident waiting  to happen, even with good tyres , glad he got shot of it, I think he swapped it for a black London taxi ,(probably could have lapped quicker in that,) wheeler dealer eh, the blue BAT outfit was out of action waiting for a super quick engine but more of that later. 

April 21st

My silver 58 Triumph kneeler had a new pilot, Miki with me in the chair, just to keep my hand in, we were quick but had fueling problems in Gerard's rh, but still finished, both races .
Miki rode the BMW, fast but poor handling, it had to go, the look on his face said it all .
Phil had a good ride on the Bantam with a 3rd, but struggled with a slipping clutch in the second race.
He finished on the 350 Triumph (Lenny) in the first outing, fared better in the second race beating Ray Moore.


Phil raced at this meeting , no Miki and Chris, no outfits.
BSA Bantam LC went well finishing 3rd, and three 4ths, brilliant .
The 350 Triumph went well with new gearing but had a DNF because of a 20p bolt ,
so came back with a vengeance and finished 5th in the next three races .


Phil riding solo run, out in the 250 race and had a quick start on the Triumph 350 finishing 3rd,out of three in his class, and I was settling down and getting used to the 350.
The Bantam although geared a little high so wasn't quick off  the line, even so by lap 2, he was lying 3rd when the front let go and he was off, medic said I was concussed so that was that, bike was alright though ish

JULY 27th 28th

Full team this time, Miki, Phil and Chris .
From the previous race meet, Phil had to replace a shock and sort the wiring ,and quite frankly he was flying, finishing 3rd twice and 2nd and 4th, 6th when an electrical gremlin appeared .
Miki had a new machine, a 500cc Areal , but it refused to run properly, not without effort to sort, and was left to fettle with later.
The Bat went well and we had some great scraps (yours truly in the chair Miki twisting the throttle) ,great fun, although suggested to Miki to replace the front shocks , because they were past there sell by date fantastic racing , pictures soon.
The 350 Triumph Phil s ride was over-geared but he still managed  8th, and three 7ths out of 11 starters, watch this space.A great weekend, good music on Saturday night with a BBQ and beer.  

AUGUST 25th, 26th

Back to Mallory, racing the Ming 58 Triumph outfit, which went well, CJ in the chair ( was nice to see how you passengers work ) great fun, no engine problems or mishaps .
Phil sorted the gearing on the 350 and got a better start , and almost binned it in Gerrard's on lap 3 finishing 6th.Had a DNF in the next race, a sticky throttle, scary.
On the Monday he got a 7th and 5th place finish respectively.
Bantam went well with two 3rds but I was having trouble finding top gear, and consequently was hit , but managed to stay on finishing 4th in the CUP race, top gear remained a problem, but still managed to finish 3rd in two races.

The last meeting of the year and a cracking circuit , Phil once again was flying on the Bantam lc beating Robby Brown ,gaining 3rd in the BSA Bantam Championship  , three 5ths and one 4th, and 5th in the 350cc Championship on the Triumph, finishing 5th, 6th, 7th,and 9th.

Miki and Chris had a lot of fun on the Bat, although we had a few minor problems, ie coming out of the Barn section in the last race on Saturday the side car almost parted company with the bike, we limped back, at dusk and sorted it for Sunday's race, re wired, the bike that is, new bolts we were up for it and had a great race, my arms were pumped up, hard work but good fun. Exhaust sorted out for the last race we were both up for a fast race, 2nd lap going in to Barn chasing a BMW and Norton, the Norton hit the slower BMW and crashed out ,red flag and that was that, we were just about to overhaul them both, the Bat was flying, the crew were ok, that's racing.

Best wishes to all for next season 2014

Well done Trevor and Malcom 3rd in the big wheeler Championship

Sunday, 12 August 2012

lydden hill july 2012

Lydden Hill 28/29 July

This weekend saw the return of Teamwildcard minus a key member ,Miki who had other commitments ,he was truly missed .

Saturday practice for the sidecar event went well ,except for one little mistake on the left hander Devils elbow , a pep talk from Trevor Jonson soon put that right , thanks Trevor much appreciated.

Phil was going well on the Bsa (Josie) with great wheel to wheel battles with other competitors and enjoyed the day , he also was looking forward to receiving his new ride ,a 350 Triumph racer, but more of that later .

First race in the sidecar event the Triumph came in 4th, then 3rd in the second race , and 1st in the Champion of Champion,s lapping 2.5 second,s quicker than previous race , the outfit was flying, many thanks to Nick Weston who prepaired the engine .

During the evening there was a BBQ and much ale was consumed while listening to a great band , with lots of banter and congratulations for the win , what a day , can it get any better.

Sunday it rained a little but this did not deter the push bike charity ride around the circuit , for all ages well done to you all.

Lenny had arrived with the new Triumph 350 racer ,what a little cracker , a few minutes of tinkering and it fired up , sounded great and Phil was very pleased with his new ride .

First race the outfit was on pole position , Trevor advised me to rev the engine off the line , this we did and led for 2 laps finishing 3rd,
wow what a race , never been out in front before but I could get used to it. Phil and Trevor went well in there respective races and finished well. 

Last race for the outfit ,allthough feeling tired I was fired up and ready, and so was the outfit, lying 3rd we had a fairing bashing battle for third with Dennis and Dave , and just pipped them on the line, after the race I appologised to Dennis  for getting to close ,who accepted without incident .

All in all a fantastic weekend with some great racing ,Cadwell here we come.

                                                          happy days
                                                             nice tank
                                                     lap record anyone
have a look at these pics.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Cadwell Park 19th/20th May 2012

Cadwell Park 19th-20th May 2012
Made good time travelling to Cadwell with Miki, who collected yours truly from the River Dart Country Park at Ashburton, where Gina was attending a Harley Davidson Riders Club GB rally. We arrived around 7pm, said our hello's to Phil and Trevor, who were already set up. Fed and watered at the Clubhouse, we settled down for the evening, to talk strategies for Saturdays race day.

Early start , 7.30am. All the bikes were scrutineered and although I had no race outfit. I'll explaine later! I had donned my leathers and was ready to be second passenger for Miki if required. Phil was No.1 and remained so for the week-end. Miki had a few problems with The BAT, mainly carburation, but we all put our knowledge together and slowly The BAT started to perform . The BAT with Phil in the chair was going well and did not fail mechanically, but a bit of fine tuning was still needed on carburation.

Phil didn't have much luck with the LC, which failed, blowing seals out of the gearbox, although a valiant try to sort , it required more in depth engineering to cure the problem. Josey, (Bantam 125cc) proved again she was ready to perform and did so. Cracking racing for Phil, battling right to the end.

A few adjustments were made and the BAT was back chasing and passing several outfits and went like the proverbial ' Bat out of hell'! (scuse the pun!) Getting a 4th and 7th respectively. Leading the Champion of Champions race for a couple of laps, when a split oil tank ended the fun. But, the BATs Triumph engine performed well ( Ming , watch out!)

Trevor had a good Saturday on the MAC Velocette, but oil pump problems finished his ride. So, Trevor and myself, were BAT and several other machines, push starters, including a very nice V Twin Morgan ( see video)

All in all a very good week-end, lots of thrills and spills, oh and by the way, I collected Mings newly rebuilt engine from Nick Weston, ready for Lydden. Bring it on , I say!

I have filmed some of the sidecar races with Miki and Phil, some of the Bantam racing (Phil again) and Ben on his Triumph Twin. All for your perusal. Plus interviews with the members of Team Wildcard.

All through the week-end, we enjoyed the goodies Gina had made including, home cooked Ham, Pizzas and Sticky toffee cheesecake, which was much appreciated. Thank you Gina from all of us.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mallory Park Damage limitation

Returning home after a triple mechanical failure featuring, Rudge R2, The Bat and Ming.
Time to assess the damage. The Rudge engine was removed to examine the aftermath. I started to remove the Cylinder head and check the valves. The engine turned 30 degrees forward and 30 degrees back . With the timing case removed the valve timing appeared Ok, so it wasn't a recurrance of the gear slippage on the crankshaft which had happened previously, causing bent pushrods.
The head was removed and as you can see the piston had turned 45 degrees, next the barrel was lifted and revealed a bent conrod and damaged gudgeon pin. The piston remained in the barrel, you can see on removal of the piston from the barrel, what had actually failed. So a complete rebuild ready for Cadwell Park. Watch this space. More offerings to the God of Speed!
On speaking to Miki, to bring him up to date on the Rudge. (He is suffering from man flu) He informs me that he has received a new set of Morgo barrels and pistons, and has started to rebuild the Bats engine. Well done that man.
Today I spoke to Nick Weston about Mings engine, which is being rebuilt as we speak. He tells
me that I am very lucky it didn't blow itself to pieces. And that the cause was a faulty conrod bearing. He informs me that the engine will be ready for Cadwell Park. Many thanks Nick.
Well that wraps up this update. Have a look at the picture and videos.
video video