Tuesday, 21 May 2019

So much for final testing!

After fitting the taller gearing ( 22/47) we went for final testing on 01/05/2019.
The plan was to ensure the 650 would pull the taller gearing and run at full chat for at least four miles.
Of course Phil's 350 managed this with no problem, although we are still struggling to read his plug chops which are an unusual grey pattern unlike anything we are used to seeing.
My 650 did the first seven mile run with no problem, getting up to speed as predicted.
On the second run however, this happened!

Just a quick note for anyone who has suffered a holed piston. Do not be convinced by anyone who tells you you can do a top end strip and flush out the bottom end. This is not the case and could only be done in an emergency in the paddock. The engine will need a full strip right down to the sludge trap which will also need removing and cleaning.

A week later and the bike is back together and ready for initial road testing. I have replaced the 11-1 pistons with 9-1 for this stage of the testing, to ensure we don't run in to the same end result as last time! Full testing on the 25/05/2019 should show what's what.
We have been talking to the guys who are flying the bikes out to Salt Lake City and this part of the process is now in hand. We have entered Bonneville Speed Trials and are looking at our transport options as we speak.
I will try and keep posting but I will be away working for the whole of June into July.

Saturday, 27 April 2019

April 2019

Welcome to the Team wildcard blog. Once again, I am sorry for the delay in updating this blog, I find this a lot harder to do than working on the bike for some reason!
Anyway, it is now mid April and we have both finished building the bikes that are going to Bonneville this year and have been testing the bikes to iron out any problems. I have decided to gear the T120 up again, so it is now running 22/47 final drive. I have fitted a new clutch and need to test the bike again to ensure it can pull the new gearing.
Today I discovered that both petrol taps are leaking slightly, and I will be addressing this later.

Phil has been busy setting up the 350 to be able to run in the fuel class. This entails having a fuel shut off on the handlebars, and to do this he needed to fit a battery and an electric shut off valve. This has now been done.
Last week I completed registration with Bonneville Speed Trials, and we have been sent our tickets and gate passes, so we are another step closer to going!
We are testing this coming Wednesday 1st May and as long as everything goes well then I have to put the bike away and get ready for my summer season working away, so fingers crossed.
I will try and do another blog before too long! Cheers, Miki.


Saturday, 9 February 2019

Bonneville update

Well, maybe once a month instead of once a week! All my time has been taken up with the build so sorry about that.
I have got my 650 together and fired up on the bench. Next week will be road testing and then the engine will be stripped and checked before final build.
Phil has ended up going for a full frame up rebuild as well and here are a couple of photos of his progress.

Flights are booked to Salt Lake City and the shipping is in hand for the bikes via air freight to SLC.
Budget motel booked in Wendover. Things are moving on!

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

bonneville start of the build 09/01/2019

Here are a few photos of the 650 bonnie on the bench, plus one of Phil with the 350.

Bonneville Salt Flats 2019

Here is the first of our weekly blog which will will hopefully go some way to documenting our trip to the Bonneville Speed Trials , Utah USA in August this year, 2019.
This venture started four years ago with a trip to Pendine Sands to check out Straightliners record racing on the beach.
By 2016 we were both competing in top speed racing with Straightliners on the beach, and using that as a way of sussing out what would be needed for us to successfully compete in the iconic Bonneville Speed Trials.
Phil has always intended to use his 350 Triumph as his bike of choice at Bonneville, but true to character, I chopped and changed a while before deciding on the 650 Triumph as my Bonneville bike.
2018 saw us at Elvington as well as Pendine, testing the two bikes and getting a good selection of UK records at the same time. We also met a few people at these events who had already been racing at Bonneville, and we picked their brains as much as possible on the ins and outs of getting there to compete.
I have spent the last few months working out the logistics of the trip which has actually turned out to be a lot more complicated that I expected. There is no definitive guide on the internet so the process has been time consuming. That has been part of the inspiration for this dedicated blog, as a layman's guide to Bonneville from start to finish.
We have both stripped our bikes and started the rebuild. We have studied the rule book closely and also I have contacted the head of scrutineering ( tech spec) at Bonneville to ensure that both our bikes are built according to the very strict rules for each class. I will be going into the classes in more detail in next week's blog, along with an update of the logistics, but tomorrow's blog will be the first of an ongoing series of photos which will hopefully document the build, the trip, the salt and the record breaking! meanwhile here are a few of the 350 engine build.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

end of 2018 season.

Here is a post from Phil regarding our UK speed week events at Elvington and Pendine Sands. Chris can put his own update on here regarding the end of the sidecar season.
Over to Phil.
Hiya, Phil here.
Thought I had better let you all know what's been happening since the last trip to Pendine Sands in May, and our great weekend at Prescott Festival.
Miki has pushed on hard with the development of his 650 bonnie, and is starting to get some results showing him which direction to pursue. After Prescott I set about putting some mods on the 350. I've fitted an oil cooler to help deal with the extra heat I expect to produce running on petrol with the new 28mm Mk2 concentrics. I starting testing this set up in the beginning of August and have managed to do 18 test sessions to set the carbs up, check some different ignition timings and experiment with gearing versus exhaust cam timing. This has been an ongoing saga but I think some results are starting to show at last. By the end of the first week of September I was getting regular 100mph runs.
And so to Elvington for the first time.
Both Miki and myself left separately eary on Friday 14th Sept. but the roads were really bad and it took around 10 hours to get there. We managed to get scrutineered  before crashing out for the night.
I got out in one of the first sessions the next morning and did a two way run being timed on the flying quarter mile, flying kilometre and flying mile. My West to East run with the wind behind me produced an impressive 105.708mph with the return run a few mph slower. This would be my first Elvington record, beating Henry Cole's previous record by a good margin.
Sunday saw much of the same for me with another run over 105mph.
Miki started Saturday with a plug fouling problem but soon overcame that and by Sunday had established his own new record of over 116mph.

We both stayed on Sunday night and did a visit to the Elvington Air Museum the following morning which was well worth staying over for, it was fantastic. Traffic was much better for the journey home and with a short detour for Miki to pick up another 71 Triumph on the way, we still got home in much better time than on the way up. Both bikes were still in good condition so it was a quick turn around preparing for Pendine Sands the following weekend.

So after the previous weeks journey we both decided to leave early on the Friday for Pendine. Clear roads saw us both up there for tea-time. Saturday started quite wet and windy and the sand was not brilliant! The Straightliners team worked hard and managed to set up a half-mile run but the sand was soft and the rain kept coming. No-one was getting very good speeds and I only managed 78mph with Miki doing just over 90mph. As this was the first time they had run the half-mile at Pendine they still counted as new records!
We woke up on Sunday to the sound of heavy rain so hung fire until around 8am when the rain started to ease off. By 9am there were blue but blustery skies. Miki got down onto the sand first and gave me a call on the way to the start line warning me to stay well away from the seaward side as he nearly got stuck!
We both watched a bike do the first test run up the beach and the sand looked good. Miki's first run was in the high 90's and mine was in the low 90's. We both did a further 9 runs throughout the day and I eventually reached the 101mph mark with Miki getting just short of 110mph. It turned out nice again! We both came away from another fantastic weekend with two more records each!

Thanks Phil, and so to next year.
Me and Phil are taking the two Triumphs to Bonneville next year and we are going to use this blog to document the trip from beginning to end so watch this space as we will be starting the blog next week.
Cheers, Miki.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Colin Banks RIP

Here we are at the end of another season, and while I wait for a full report from Chris Wickett with regard to the sidecar season, I just want to say a few words with regard to the death of Colin Banks, who has been Chris's passenger for the last few years.
Colin died doing what he loved. He was in a classic sidecar race at the Bob Mac meeting in East Fortune on 17/06/18 and died during the race. This was not due to any kind of accident, Colin just passed away during the race. He has a long history of racing which I am sure Chris will elaborate on later, and he was a great character in the paddock who was known and loved by us all.
I apologise that it has taken a while to write about Colin, it has been difficult to know what to say.
 We still feel we are all immortal, dicing with death on a regular basis and coming away victorious, but every now and then someone close is snatched away, and the reality of what we do hits home hard. And yet we don't stop, and when we think of Colin and others we have known who are gone, we see them on the sidelines, cheering us on, pushing us that little bit harder, riding with us always.
RIP Colin. x

Sunday, 10 June 2018

2018 update

Hi all.
I am doing one big update for 2018 because as usual we have been rubbish at keeping up with the blog!
We started the year off at Mallory for the practice day. I took the outfit and the Daytona and Phil took the trusty 350. All bikes were going well. I had added a baffle to the Daytona exhaust and I think it was going better because of it. Colin Banks turned up and kindly agreed to passenger on the Bat, as Chris couldn’t make practice. We had a couple of good outings but ended up with a failed coil. Phil’s 350 just kept going as usual.
Me and Phil stayed on for a couple of days after practice as we had booked my two mk1 speed triples in for a trackday on the Sunday. On the Saturday we went to the Triumph factory and spent several hours in the new visitor centre which was really impressive.
The track day went well and we really enjoyed taking different bikes around Mallory for a change.
I spent the following few weeks building a new bike to do land speed racing- a Triumph 650 oil in frame unit bike and finished it just before we went to Pendine sands in May. The weather was amazing for the weekend and we had a great time. I did 13 runs over the weekend on the new bike and my best speed was just over 107mph which I was very happy with for a first outing! Phil also had a successful weekend, gaining a couple of new records as well and breaking the 100mph again on the 350.
Chris and Colin have just got back from the Southern Hundred. They took the Triumph outfit, Ming, with the hopes of doing better than last year when they just failed to qualify. It paid off as they qualified on Saturday and did the first race on Saturday evening. They did a second race on Sunday and came away with a finishers medal which I am sure they a rightly proud of. Well done to Chris and Colin for a great achievement!
Me and Phil are off to Prescott Festival next weekend to run the hill with the 350, 500 and the Bat.
Mike Woolley is coming as passenger and we are looking forward to another great weekend at the event that raises money for the blood bikes charity. A great couple of days out if you get the chance to come.
That’s it for now. Cheers, Miki.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Pendine Sands September 17th

I booked a mobile home next to the beach for three days which gave me and Phil somewhere to sleep which turned out to be a good idea as Phil was quite ill and the weather was rough on Sunday.
Saturday was fine though, and I took the BAT outfit out for a total of 5 runs, but none of them were any good due to an ongoing missing problem. Best run was a poor 74mph.
Phil had the T21 out having changed the spec from circuit to straightline. He also remounted the front numberplate and fitted a screen so he could run in the M.P.S.P.F 350 class.
Dropped a drive chain on the first run and the bike wasn't revving out properly in top. As yet the reason is unknown. Managed 88.141mph.
Sunday was called off due to the weather so that was a bit of a average end to our season.
I had to totally strip the outfit when I got home due to the wet sand and salt going everywhere!
I will load more photos asap.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Lydden June 2017

Hi it's Phil here.
Chris is off to Gedinne in Belgium for the classic tt and Miki is tied up with work so I went to Lydden on my own this time. I took the T21 and, after a major rebuild, the liquid cooled Bantam came along too. The new crank-cases were prepared by Ted Smith, thanks Ted!
This was only my second track meeting this year on the T21, and the first in 18 months or so on the Bantam and I did feel a bit out of practice! I took the T21 out for first practice and all felt good so I took the Bantam out for second practice and the engine felt good but it was jumping out of second gear so I came in after a few laps.
I decided to take the Bantam out for the first race and attempted to keep it in gear with my foot. That didn't work. A couple of laps in and the engine nipped up going into devil's elbow, but I got the clutch in and made it round. I think a main bearing has collapsed but haven't had time to confirm that yet.  The Triumph went well as usual, but there was a flat spot at lower revs making it hard to pull out of corners smoothly. I finished all three races on the T21 and really enjoyed the weekend, even with the few problems I had.
So it's back to the garage to get ready for Pendine Sands at the end of September.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

L F Harris Corporate day. Newton Abbot Racecourse July.

Thanks to our friend and sponsor Monty, from Monty's Classic Motorcycles, we were invited to attend this day, and bring our two solo Triumph race bikes. As I am sure you know, L.F.Harris took over the production of Triumph T140's between 1985 and 1988, on licence from John Bloor, who went on to build the Hinckley plant.
Monty organised approx 50 bikes and riders to come, and together with the customers of L.F.Harris it made for a brilliant day. The highlight was a display by the Royal Signals White Helmets display team, one of their last as they have now disbanded.
This is Phil looking happy on one of the White Helmet bikes!

Here they are in action.
We weren't expecting to even fire up the race bikes but Monty had other ideas, and before we knew it we were blasting around the oval grandstand without helmets or gloves or leathers, followed by a growing number of other riders (including Monty) in a growing haze of Castrol R. A beautiful moment. Both our clutches were almost on fire by the end of it!
Thanks to L.F.Harris for hosting such a great day.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Pendine Sands May 2017

                                                                                                                                                                     This is a video of one of Phil's runs on the 350 triumph. As you can see the weather was fine and we both had a great weekend. Both Mark and Grommet came to help us for the weekend, and we also met Ted there who also stayed for the whole weekend.
This is Phil's write up of his weekend.
"I did a bit of work on fuel flow before we left and fitted a chain-guard and kill switch in preparation for the sand. There was no one there to challenge the records I set last year, so I entered in a different class, "modified Classic Fuel 350" and set a new record of 88.4mph on the first run and couldn't beat it all day!
Sunday saw the one mile course set out and I set a new record at 99.806mph on my first run. I tried all day to beat that by removing baffles, re-jetting etc to no avail. On the start line for my last run of the day I was told we were now doing the one mile plus the mile and a half run. Set of and managed to miss third gear so crossed the mile marker at 99.132mph. I tucked right in for the last half mile and crossed the line and then promptly ran out of fuel! Before starting the run Miki advised me not to add any extra fuel for the last run in an attempt to run as light as possible. He had no idea, however, that we had moved on to the mile and a half run! I was a bit annoyed at having to be towed back to the pits but that soon changed when Miki and Ted told me I had crossed the line at 100.483mph, a new record and the elusive ton!"
I took the BAT outfit to Pendine and did the first two runs on Saturday with one exhaust header coming off on both runs. I managed to set a record of 94mph. On the third run I suffered from engine failure and that was my weekend of competition over. I stayed to help Phil and had a great rest of the weekend anyway. It turned out that the BAT had snapped a cam follower which caused quite a bit of work back in the workshop! This is a photo of the record I set last year on the 500 daytona.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Mallory Easter 2017

We all made it to Mallory for a dry weekend. Exciting news- not using Edwina's so back to a more original Mallory track which proved to be so much better and more fun.
Due to delays, Phil only had one race on the Saturday, but it was a good one, and he finished 4th, behind Ian Henshaw.
I took the daytona out for a couple of races and the bike was running well apart from jumping out of fourth. I am still looking for that last couple of mph to make it more competitive.
Werner chaired the BAT outfit with me and we went out a couple of times as well, but the outfit wasn't running right in top. Despite that we had a coupole of good races, and managed to beat Wickett/Colin in one race!
Sunday was more of the same. Phil had a busy day with three championship races and the over fifties race to fit into the day. A sneaky adjustment to the exhaust timing saw the 350 Triumph running really well. Once again there was close racing with Henshaw and Leather and Phil had 4th, 3rd and 2nd finishes. He also knocked one and a half seconds off his personal best lap times, although it is difficult to compare with the lack of Edwinas.
I took the daytona out for two more races and the bike was running well. I think we managed one more race on the outfit and that was it.
Wickett finished all his races and the outfit was looking and sounding good, although they had a lot of initial trouble getting through noise testing!

Monday, 23 October 2017

Updates for the 2017 season

Hi all.
This is an update for this year. We have all been useless at regular updates I am afraid!
Mallory Practice March 24th.

My birthday, and a great way to spend it. I took the 500 daytona and the triumph outfit ( bat) and Phil took the 350 Triumph. Chris and Colin were also there with the other Triumph outfit. This was one of the only times this year that teamwildcard have all been together. Werner met up with us there to go in the chair for me.
the Bat had been resurrected over the winter and had a series of minor but annoying problems throughout the day, but I suppose that is what testing is all about.
The daytona was going well until the swinging arm adjuster bolt on the rickman frame came loose leaving the rear end flopping about. Quite daunting coming out of Geralds at full chat. Fixed that easily enough but followed up with the gearbox camplate pivot coming out!
 Phil had his usual trouble free day completing three good runs on the 350 Triumph.
I will leave it to Chris to update you all on his day as I can't really remember, but I think the outfit was running OK apart from an ignition problem?

Prescott Hill Climb.

We were invited to attend this great day put on by the blood bikes charity as a fund raiser. It was a remarkable day with a whole host of amazing bikes everywhere! I took the outfit and Phil took the trusty 350. He managed a couple of impressive runs up the hill seeing he never got out of second gear. Phil was passenger on the outfit which turned in to a teamwildcard version of the keystone cops! There was a push start ban in the racing paddock so needless to say we did several dramatic push starts on the Bat, with marshals and public alike parting like the red sea as we roared into life. We had dispensation on the start line due to my problems in finding neutral, and basically just shot out of the paddock and onto the track! After all that we snapped the drive chain on the first run and had to push back. Second time out was a similar start but this time we shot off up the track only to start misfiring on the first corner. Phil was bashing me on the leg and I was looking down expecting to see the carb off but no, and suddenly we were running right again. This kept on all the way to the top. It was only on the return to the paddock that Phil explained that my baggy leathers kept being sucked up into the carb bellmouths! Could have been worse I suppose.
We have been invited back to their two day extravaganza next year (i am not sure why!) on the 14/15th April. Definitely worth a visit, it was a brilliant day out.
I will log these two posts now and follow up with others shortly, as well as photos. 

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Two days before first pratice.

well, it has been a long winter and I have spent many a long evening in the unit rebuilding the BAT outfit. We finally fired it up for the first time on Sunday, and discovered a serious leak to the front push rod tube so I had to do a quick top end strip to replace what turned out to be a damaged tube. Thanks as usual to Monty of Monty's Classics for producing the necessary parts on the spot.

Phil has also just finished the rebuild of the 350 triumph, after some problems with the interspan ignition, and had the bike running on Sunday as well.
It seems we have all been plagued with ignition problems, as Chris has only just sorted out the ignition on Ming, which is running a new engine this season.

All my gear loaded in the back of my new van. Practice on Friday. I will give an update after the event.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Mallory Park

Mallory Park .

The test session this March went well for the Triumph Kneeler outfit , Colin was rock steady in the chair and we had reasonable speed, it was bloody cold though , and we were ready for the new season.Little did we know what was in store for us ,but more of that later.

Race Day Mallory Park.

This year I have converted an old caravan to carry the race outfit and gear and perfect for me and Daphne to live in over the weekend , it worked well all though the handling was a bit suspect untill I got the balance right on the drive up , what a difference , beats a tent  ,very warm and we know how windy Mallory is . We did have a problem with a 12v coil but otherwise the Triumph went well and we passed the noise test , it was running like a train and we came away pleased with our efforts.          

Cadwell Park VMCC 50th anniversary.

This event started on the Friday and there were many exotic machines and riders for that matter , the weather was a little unsettled starting with a monsoon just as we arrived on Thursday eve but it  soon passed. I have a few pictures to look at and I stuck a GO Pro on the outfit for your viewing ,we failed the noise test 3 times,just scraping through and after a big effort got it down to 107 db , thank Colin for your efforts,briefly on the Saturday we had flying stars but were down on straight line speed partly because the exhaust was blocked,damm BMWs got shunted by Andy Hunt on his quick Royal Enfield on Park straight  , but allways the gent he said sorry , its all part of racing I said , great fun.

Sunday race day was quite eventfull ,.First race  we were at the front briefly going up the hill to Park Striaght when we were hit big time and spun out ,Nick Weston commented afterwards ,and said well done for controlling it ,found out it was a 1000cc Vincent ,Julian  didnt say sorry , takes allsorts I suppose ,any way lost the concentration but was on it again, catching and passing several outfits, we had a right royal battle with Robin Blowers on his BSA A 10, wheel to wheel like the good old days with Miki and Phil on the Bat , we passed him coming out of Barn and caught Mark and Sue Whitticker on there  mint BSA A10 , we were going flat out into Mansfield and the engine sounded ok,through the chicane and up the mountain wheel spinning past the club house into Barn then onto the striaght ,then bang, it was like we were an old aircraft that had bean shot ,oil and smoke everywhere ,that was the end of that.
On stripping the motor the three piece crankshaft was in pieces ,total wreck, now we had to rebuild it for Geddine , good job I had spares. like to say thankyou to Lenny for supplying parts . 

Belgian classic TT Gedinne 2016

After a complete rebuild of the Triumph motor and a few oil cooling mods we were tested and ready , the ferry booked and a pre arranged meet with Colin in Dover to hitch the caravan to his van we left England for Belgium. Arriving Thursday eve and found a cracking little site in the paddock over the bridge  ,after signing on and scrutineering  we had a beer and suprised with seeing David Sykes , Adam Pope Trevor Johnson ,a very good turn out for the sidecar crews, from GB .
Friday practice went well ,the Triumph was pulling like a train and had good speed, it was dry but not as hot as last year ,one note to self , GR1 side car next year ,the group we were in GR2  was bloody quick ,we were outclassed ,in the race on Saturday allthough we did pass several BMW outfits they come by on the straight bits.
Adam and John won there class on the Triumph big wheeler and David got a second on the Harley Davidson with his french passenger Albert, well done, so there is hope for us Miki eh.

On Sunday after a late night it was an early wet race , we were flying ,drifting and spinning wheels ,battling with another BMW after a cracking start carving my way through the grid , allthough we finished at the back of the race we enjoyed ourselves and the bike did us proud , l think I used One Whitworth spanner all weekend to check the barrel nuts and spray the chains, that was it , fantastic.


Next year we are running a new Triumph engine supplied by Lenny Pallister, it has Thunder crankcases ,and some special bits inside , cant say what but its still a 749cc 
and we intend to race in the pre TT classic IOM at ,Southern 100 circuit and several BHR VMCC meetings , with Belguim on the list.

Good luck to my team mates , Chris 

Monday, 5 December 2016

Winter rebuilds 2016

Hi all.
Winter is here and we are all busy in the garage building the bikes for next year.
I have finally got the BAT on the bench and I have started a full rebuild for next season. First practice next year is on March 24th 2017, my 60th birthday so I won't forget that deadline for the rebuilds!

I am also doing a full engine rebuild on the Robert Burke Triumph 500 metisse. I am still trying to get the megacycle cams to perform as they should and have decided to try upping the compression a tad to see if that helps the torque.
Phil has got the 350 Triumph engine apart and is fitting new rods etc.
We are planning to compete at Bonneville Speed Week USA in 2018 and this winter's rebuilds have got their tech spec in mind!
Chris and Colin are building a new engine for their Triumph outfit at the moment. I expect Chris will update you on their trip to Gedinne this year shortly.
We are going to Pendine Speed Week in Wales next May to try out the BAT and the 350 on the sand again. We will be hoping for records again.
I am away over Xmas but will update this site again in Jan.
Cheers, Miki

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Pendine sands speed week 21st-22nd May 2016

Pendine speed week.
 May 21st/22nd 2016
Pendine sands.
 A straightliners event.
Me and Phil drove up separately and we both got caught in traffic at one time or another, but arrived in the paddock late afternoon in the rain.
I was fortunate to have travelled up with Rhona, who had booked us in to a hotel, so Phil was left to hold the fort, and the gazebo, for the rest of the evening! High winds meant our new gazebo ended up banging on Phil’s van asking to be taken down, at a difficult time due to rain etc.

Before I left the paddock on Friday we both had a chat to one of the teams there, Desperate Dan’s, who told us about the scrutineering rules for the event which we had unfortunately ignored during our rush to get the bikes ready for the event. This led to slight concern about the lack of steering damper on my part and the lack of cut-off switches on both our parts! Luckily we got everything sorted before scrutineering the next morning.
So Saturday was wet. We also didn’t take the tides into account and realised that we wouldn’t be starting the days racing until the afternoon, which actually gave us plenty of time to get the bikes ready.
Luckily for us, our friends Mark and Ian turned up to watch the weekend’s events and so we quickly roped them in to being pit crew for the weekend, which was a good job for us as I think we would have struggled to get through the weekend on our own.
We were in the queue for the first run of the day, the top speed kilometre, when one of the first bikes away, a massive Harley, crashed at the end of the run. This caused a delay of an hour and a half which meant we only got one run on Saturday. Luckily the Harley rider got away with only a broken collarbone and thumb.
We both took it steady on that first run, being unsure of the sand conditions and also never having raced on the sand, but still managed to get our first new record under the belt. Phil did the kilo at 86.732mph and I did it at 88.185mph.

A few beers in the evening rounded off a wet but interesting first day.
Sunday was a very different day. The weather was amazing and we felt in a better position to gun it on the sand after having a practice run the day before.
The first runs were for the one mile record, and Phil went off first and managed another new record at 97.090mph. My first run ended rather suddenly due to electrical failure and a slipping clutch so I headed back to the pits for a quick repair session.
The next runs were for the mile and a half records, and Phil set a 97.877mph on the first run and a new record of 98.096mph on the second.

I also had two runs at the mile and a half. My first time was 100.982mph and after taking the baffles out of the exhaust, my second run set a new record of 108.28mph.
I was the last bike to run on the Sunday and felt lucky to have got the second run in after having to retreat to the paddock for an hour to fix the clutch.

We met several teams over the course of the weekend that are regulars at Bonneville Speed Week in America, and we picked up some useful contacts for our pending trip.
We thanked the organisers at Straightliners for a great weekend and then packed down and headed off home with a total of five new records achieved.

What a fantastic first time out with the Straightliners club! Thanks to everyone for their help, especially Mark and Ian, and Rhona and of course Barney. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Mallory Park 9th 10th April 2016

Mallory Park  BHR 

9th 10th April 2016

We arrived in good time to sort the tent before dark ,still very cold but this time Daphne accompanied me and was a great help over the weekend . 

Miki , Phil and Colin were all present and the weekend started well ,all the machines past noise test and we prepared to practice for the first race . Phil's Triumph failed going around Gerrards right hander and that was that for him ,he decided to go home to investigate the cause ,  The Kneeler Ming was not having it also with oil pressure and electrical problems we only practiced and had a slow race on Sunday , this was not good  ,Thankyou Colin for your support , Miki had a trouble free weekend after his efforts with only miner issues and looked fast , not sure of lap times ,but his machine kept going , This was a test for a future event , Phil and Miki are going to push the bikes and themselves to the limit in a straight line and attempt to break the UK land speed record in there class , but more of that later, It was good to see Lenny and Trevor on Sunday along with Malcom and Donna  ,the weather was very good and the racing was excellent .Heres looking forward to Darly Moor .

mallory park 18th March 2016

Mallory Park , 18th march 2016

So here we are once again test session before the start of the season , l arrived early evening to watch the cyclist lap the circuit untill dark ,some kept going with there lights on till 9pm, it was very cold and not many riders were in the paddock. 
Colin arrived ,then Phil who was testing his 350 Triumph but more of that later. No Miki who had work comittments, Colin sorted my tent and it was the coldest night experienced for a long time. Ice on the tent ,well it was March after all. In the morning after the bikes were looked over the session started unlike the Ming who refused to fire, like l said it was cold but eventually he fired up and sounded good. Our first laps on the outfit were steady and we soon got up to race speed, only problem we had was a dodgy master cylinder which was replaced for the race meeting, I left the session in hi hopes looking forward to the race meeting ,little did l know what was instore for us all , thats another story .

Monday, 14 December 2015

Angelsey 2015

Angelsey 2015 epilog 

I found these pictures of the Triumph Tiger 80 after the engine blew up ,happy days .

Belgium classic TT 2015

Belgian classic tt 2015

Tuesday, 1 December 2015


I was looking forward to this event , being the track where I cut my teeth as a rooki bike racer on my Triumph Thruxton bonneville way back in the late seventies ,but thats another story , This time Daphne traveled up in the car with me arriving very late in the dark and the rain , thanks for your support babes.

Practice went well on the outfit , Colin as ever working the chair to good effect ,we were ready,and had some cracking races finishing in the top 5 well done mate.

The meeting being a bit special , the tenth year since Trevor Johnson brother passed away and Tims bike ( ex Miki Sprosen ) had been race prepped by Mervin Stratford and son ,nice job , in Tim Johnson's memory a team of guys pushed the bike around the circuit drinking beer and recalling good memories of days past,