Sunday, 27 May 2012

Cadwell Park 19th/20th May 2012

Cadwell Park 19th-20th May 2012
Made good time travelling to Cadwell with Miki, who collected yours truly from the River Dart Country Park at Ashburton, where Gina was attending a Harley Davidson Riders Club GB rally. We arrived around 7pm, said our hello's to Phil and Trevor, who were already set up. Fed and watered at the Clubhouse, we settled down for the evening, to talk strategies for Saturdays race day.

Early start , 7.30am. All the bikes were scrutineered and although I had no race outfit. I'll explaine later! I had donned my leathers and was ready to be second passenger for Miki if required. Phil was No.1 and remained so for the week-end. Miki had a few problems with The BAT, mainly carburation, but we all put our knowledge together and slowly The BAT started to perform . The BAT with Phil in the chair was going well and did not fail mechanically, but a bit of fine tuning was still needed on carburation.

Phil didn't have much luck with the LC, which failed, blowing seals out of the gearbox, although a valiant try to sort , it required more in depth engineering to cure the problem. Josey, (Bantam 125cc) proved again she was ready to perform and did so. Cracking racing for Phil, battling right to the end.

A few adjustments were made and the BAT was back chasing and passing several outfits and went like the proverbial ' Bat out of hell'! (scuse the pun!) Getting a 4th and 7th respectively. Leading the Champion of Champions race for a couple of laps, when a split oil tank ended the fun. But, the BATs Triumph engine performed well ( Ming , watch out!)

Trevor had a good Saturday on the MAC Velocette, but oil pump problems finished his ride. So, Trevor and myself, were BAT and several other machines, push starters, including a very nice V Twin Morgan ( see video)

All in all a very good week-end, lots of thrills and spills, oh and by the way, I collected Mings newly rebuilt engine from Nick Weston, ready for Lydden. Bring it on , I say!

I have filmed some of the sidecar races with Miki and Phil, some of the Bantam racing (Phil again) and Ben on his Triumph Twin. All for your perusal. Plus interviews with the members of Team Wildcard.

All through the week-end, we enjoyed the goodies Gina had made including, home cooked Ham, Pizzas and Sticky toffee cheesecake, which was much appreciated. Thank you Gina from all of us.