Monday, 16 April 2012

April 15th Mallory Park Race Day

Miki,Phil & Chris aka The Cornish Wreckers
A good trip to Mallory Park with Gina, who as always prepared a veritable feast for the Team. absolutely freezing on the Saturday night, which continued into Sunday.
All the bikes were sorted and we were optomistic and looking forward to a great days racing. The sun was shining, although bitterly cold as already mentioned.
Practice went well, once a few teething problems were sorted on The Bat. Miki having ordered an Electronic igntion from the net, had only recieved it the day before, due to the PO holding it for 2 weeks in the local office, omitting to inform Miki of this!
Ming was making some strange noises from the bottom end, although in practice she was flying with Trevor Johnson in the chair.
R2 1937 Rudge Whitworth was really running well and had a cracking race with Trevor riding his MAC 350 Velocette.
1st race for the 3 wheelers, I was still a bit concerned about the odd noises from the crank. I had adjusted the tappets as they were tight and thought that may have solved the problem. We sat on the grid waiting for the lights to go out and we were off. Bang! Ming had seized.
Miki didn't fair too well either. He and Phil were really flying and having a good race, when the barrels parted company from the crankcases, similar to Mings recent failure. Loctite anyone? Cheers don't mind if I do.
Phil had a great day on the LC getting 3rd in one of his scratch races. HE had no mechanical problems. Well done that man!
Finally the R2 Rudge fueled up and out on the grid ready for another Pre 37 race with Trevor. Race started well, flat on the start finish the motor stopped with tangled valves and that was that.
Mings engine was removed and handed over to Nick Weston, who is kindkly going to rebuild it, in time for Cadwell Park in May.
Gina kept us all fed and watered, and made Rona (Miki' companion) feel welcome. Gina continues to be a great help. Thank you
It was nice to have a visit from Monty and his wife Ann (Montys Classic Motorcycles of Tavistock). They rode up from Devon on the Saturday on his new Triumph. They enjoyed the days racing having never been to such an event before. Montys provides the Team with spares at a discount to help support us with the racing. After spending the day at Mallory, they headed home well wrapped up in thermal this and that, and heated body warmers. Luxury!
It was good to see Verner who had ridden up on his vintage Ariel. It was nice to catch up with him.
Here is an interview with Miki and some photos from the day. Unfortunately the interview with Phil didn't record. Enjoy