Saturday, 5 November 2011


The last meeting of the season ! Chris Wickett couldn't make this one so it was down to me, Vern and Phil to carry the flag for team wildcard. A little damp first thing Sat. morning but dried out soon enough and stayed that way for the weekend. We swelled the ranks by first practice with Andy Checkly riding Phil's bantam Josie.

At the start of the weekend Phil was in third place in the championship and was hoping to hold that position. Lots of Bantams were on the grid as the chamionship was to be decided at this meeting, and the lap times were quick! Phil managed to fifths and two sixths which was enough to keep third place in the chamionship. Andy also finished all four races and was goiong well.

Trevor turned up, to everyones suprise, along with his brother Tony. Trevor had to go home on Saturday night as he was still a long way from fully recovered after his antics at Mallory, but came back on Sunday to catch more of the action.

I had my 250 Rudge but managed to rip the barrel off the casings in the first race so that was the end of that!

We had our usual seasons troubles with the outfit which still wasn't running properly despite all our best efforts. We decidied to take the mag off on Sat. night and replace it with electronic ignition kindly supplied by big Ben, who also stayed to help us fit it. ook the outfit out again on Sun. and guess what, no change, but at least we now know we don't have an ignition problem!

So, the season has ended and it is back to the unit and shed for winter re-builds etc. Phil has already started working on the Bantams, looking for a little extra from the LC for next season, which looks like it will be a tough year with a lot of fast riders looking for glory. Phil has also got a ride on a Triumph 350, thanks to Lenny, for next season which could prove interesting. I have given Lenny one of my Triumph engines to re-build and I am doing the other one. I am also finishing my Triton this winter so I can use it to test the engines on the road. Chris is doing a full re-build on his outfit Ming as well as building a spare engine. Both rudges need engine re-builds as well. Plenty to do! Roll on next season!