Tuesday, 20 September 2011

last three meetings!

Sorry once again for being so rubbish at updating this blog, I will do better next season! I will say a few words about Cadwell on 25/26 June although I wasn't there due to work commitments. I will have to wait until I get an update from Chris but I have got a few notes from Phil which I will relate now. The first day started damp but there was a dry line and Phil finished third in the first race. A dry second race saw Phil in forth on the LC. On the Sunday Phil got another two forths leaving him third overall in the championship. Phil lent his other bantam to Andy Checkley for the weekend and he finished all four races in good style.


We always look forward to this meeting as for the last five years it has been Tim's memorial meeting and we always have a few barrels of beer and a barbie for all the club on the Saturday night. This meeting was a while ago now and a lot of stuff happened but I will try and remember as much as possible. As you may have gathered by now my outfit has not really been working all season and this meeting was no exception. We couldn't get it working all of Saturday so in the end we took the engine out and fitted an untried spare on Sunday morning before racing started.
This engine fired up and seemed to be running well until just before the first race when it just died a death. Once again we decided to call it a day as far as the outfit was concerned. I gave the original engine to our good friend Lenny, along with the mag, and he is going to do a rebuild for me and hopefully we will get to the bottom of the engine problems once and for all.
Chris had a much better weekend on his outfit and finished all of his races well. His crowning glory was winning the champion of champion sidecar race and recieving a special Stan the Man trophy. Me and Chris had some great battles on the two Rudges over the weekend and were neck and neck most of the time. We ended the Saturday in the Stan Summers handicap race which I was lucky enough to win, so we both came home with a Stan the Man trophy!
Phil carried on doing well on the Lc bantam as he has all season and finished all his races and was still third overall in the championship.


Mallory park started out wet but dried throughout the day. We managed to get the outfit running but it cut out before the first race. We traced this to the mag end cap which we replaced and finally got the outfit out for the second race of the day. It was a bit of a beast to ride with such a narrow power band but at least we finished a race! Chris had the outfit running well as usual and finished both races. Unfortunatly the Rudge seized in pratice so that was the end of the pre 34 races for Chris. I was having a great first race on my Rudge but ended up pushing it a bit too hard at Edwinas and came off.
Phil kept up the good work on the Lc bantam and finished all races and if I remember right got a second. All in all a good meeting with the only down side happening in the paddock. Trevor collapsed and was rushed to hospital where immidate surgery found a blood clot in his heart! He is recovering well now and our heartfelt thanks go out to the medics trackside and the hospital staff who kepthim with us to fight another day.