Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mallory Park Test day 22nd March 2012

Nuneaton Travel lodge rendezvous with Miki & Phil to discuss the new season and scoop a few beers in the local Harvester (didn't get any food tho!). But, Gina had made me some wonderful sandwiches which saved the day at Nuneation as I was able to share them with my hungry team mates.

All of the bikes and outfits were sorted or so we thought. So we were all ready to have a good day. We would like to welcome Jane Morris ,an experienced sidecar passenger, on joining the team. Jane is now my new sidecar passenger on Ming. Phil is doing similar on the recently refurbished Bat (No 54).

All the bikes passed scrutineering, we signed on and prepared the machines to run , the sun was shining, the mood was good and from that point on we were plagued with mechanical and electrical solutions to find.

Firstly the 250cc Rudge (No 225) bent the exhaust pushrod (my fault, I set the valve timing wrong) and was out, never mind, still got the outfit Ming the Merciless (No 78), wrong! Half a lap and 'bang' the head gasket blew. Miki didn't fare well also, his outfit still refused to run properly even after a complete overhaul, I think he would have thrown the overhauled magneto in the lake ( he didn't) he persevered to sort the fault, electronic conversion anyone?. Phils LC Bantam was flying and looking good, although Josie had a slight fork problem. Later in the day Miki and Phil went out on the Bantams and both were showing good form, I stripped the motor on Ming with help from Jane and Ben ( Triumph twin racer) and replaced the head gasket, out for practise and 'bang!' Clatter, clatter after half a lap, head bolts had stripped and that was that.

Still, an excellent team building day and it was good to see old friends, Trevor and Lennie. And the sun still shone.

We all booked for the race day on the 15th April, watch this space and oh by the way, here's a couple of short interviews with Miki and yours truly.

My thanks to Gina for her secretarial duties during the creation of this update.