Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Hi all, sorry for the massive delay in posting, I lost the will to live regarding computers and have only just managed to make myself do this again!
Anyway, I have a lot to catch up on so I better get started. We were all busy rebuilding over the winter. I have put together a second engine for the BAT outfit, Phil has rebuilt the lc Bantam, and Chris has been tinkering with Ming. Werner is to co-pilot the outfit with me again this year whilst Phil concentrates on the Bantams. We all went to Mallory practice where I promptly holed a piston on the outfit. Chris's outfit was going well as were my two Rudges. Phil was having ongoing problems with the lc Bantam.
We had a couple of weeks before first race at Mallory so I took the opportunity to fit a morgo 750 top end to the outfit. Wasn't sure why the piston had holed but found the timing was out so put it down to that.
Race day came but my outfit never really ran right and we only managed to limp through one race. Phil's lc Bantam seized in practice so he did the day on the air cooled Bantam. Chris managed to rip the barrel off his outfit engine! Looks like we were going to be busy prior to pembrey!
Phil found that a main bearing had welded itself onto his crank. He contacted Tom Miller who took possession of the crank for a day and sorted it all out so Phil had the bike good and ready for Pembrey. I stripped the outfit engine but couldn't find anything wrong so put it all together again! Chris struggled to rebuild his outfit in time and decided not to come to pembrey.
Saturdat at Pembrey saw Phil out on both Bantams. The lc was going well and Phil managed a forth and then a second in the two championship races. Then came the rain and a bantam cup race. Phil shot into the lead near the start of the race and just kept flying until the end, finishing in first place a good 20 secs. ahead of the rest! Much beer was drunk that night.
I seized the outfit engine in the first race, so werner and I stripped the engine for a look. I finally sussed out what the ongoing problem was. The head was wharped and cracked and so the head gasket was failing and causing one side of the engine to run weak and hot. Tom Miller cleaned up the bore whilst Werner cleaned up the piston and rings and we put the engine back together and torqued the head down to about 40psi in the vain hope of running a race. Needless to say we only managed one lap before seizing again.
Phil had two more championship races on the lc and got a third and fifth.
Back home and I have stripped the top end again and fitted new pistons. The barrel is off getting honed and the head skimmed so hopefully we are on the way to sorted. I have started working on the triton again in the hopes of finishing it before the end of the season so that I will hyave a test bed for the outfit engines.
I will post some new pictures soon. We are intending to update the website soon. Bye for now.