Monday, 28 September 2009


So this was the first hillclimb I had attended and I managed to get lost and arrived really late, not a good start. I took my little Rudge and the outfit, and I met Mike Woolley there, who was riding his KTM 940 for the day as well as riding in the chair on my outfit. I was surprised at the level of interest in my outfit. A lot of people remembered it from days gone by, and quite a few had even ridden it. It turned out that the meeting was the 40th anniversary and my outfit had won the sidecar class in the first ever meeting at Wiscombe 40 years ago!
Mike had some good runs on the ktm throughout the day, with times improving with each run. I also enjoyed four runs on the Rudge without a mishap, also with improving times. The outfit did a couple of good runs in the morning, but on the first afternoon run a rod let go and destroyed the engine in a spectacular fashion. I still have a box of unidentified bits of metal on my workbench which came from the remains of the engine! All in all it was a very interesting day, and we are going to go to Hartland Quay for another go on 04/10/09, but that will be without the outfit, which I am still rebuilding!