Wednesday, 2 September 2009


First of all I have to mention the weather 'cos it was really bad all weekend. Rain and high winds, not unusual for this circuit as it happens. We arrived in separate vans and I got there first and met werner who arrived on his Aerial, very keen considering the weather. I must admit we had a bit of a session in the pub that night, only to keep our spirits up you understand! Me and Phil rigged up a tarp between our vans but it only lasted for one night and it was rocking the vans to the point of worry.
Sunday racing started at 10am and I took out the Ducati in race two but only managed a couple of laps before the bike died. That was the end of the Ducati for the weekend. When Gav got it home and stripped he found a big hole had been melted in the piston and the new big end had gone again! A lot of work for Gav before Cadwell but I have entered the bike anyway so fingers crossed. The race order for the weekend made it interesting for me and Phil as Phil was out on the Bantam in race four, we were out on the sidecar in race five and I was out on the Rudge in race six! A couple of times during the weekend I didn't think we were going to make it.
Phil had a first race on the LC Bantam and then took the 175 Josie out for the cup race where he finished third. Unfortunatly the LC developed an electrical fault and didn't get out again but Phil finished the rest of the weekend's racing on Josie. After finishing the last Bantam race Phil broke down on the far side of the track and had to push the bike at race speed back to the assembly area where I was trying to hold up the start of the sidecar race, wondering where he had got to. This was one of the times I wondered if we would make it but as luck would have it we finished all four of our sidecar races. Before we came to Anglesea I had fitted a rebuild comp. mag to the outfit in an effort to cure the misfire and I am glad to report that the bike worked perfectly all weekend! I had a steep learning curve over the four races, and soon realized that the old car tyres fitted to the outfit were not really up to the job of sticking the sidecar to the track. I had my first outing on the grass, first on one side of the track and then across to the grass on the other side doing several 180's in the process before finally getting back on the track. Needless to say the grin factor was huge and we did get faster as time went on. Looking forward to Cadwell now.
My little Rudge was great once again and I only got a dnf in one of the four races due to the primary chain coming off. I am now lying a strong second place in the championship with only Cadwell to go!
So there you have it, a great weekend was had and we are both really looking forward to Cadwell at the end of the month.