Friday, 10 July 2009


Another busy day was had a Cadwell this year. We arrived late saturday afternoon but still had time to watch the end of the stock endurance race that was still running. Two bikes and two riders over a three hour race, exciting stuff. All our bikes had to be noise tested for Cadwell. The Bantam and the Ducati were fine but the Rudge was on the limit even with the end can on. Anyway, Sunday started dry and stayed dry for the whole of the racing day so we were lucky in that respect. Phil was out in the first Bantam race and got a good forth place and kept with the leaders for the whole race. First thing in the afternoon he then went out in the Bantam cup race and finished second. This race was followed by the second Bantam race which Phil led for several laps until finally finishing a sound third place. A great days Bantam racing! Phil also went out several times on the outfit ridden by Dave Sykes but they never finished a race due to ongoing mecanical problems.
I took the Ducati out for the two championship races but it wasn't going quite as well as before and had started to smoke again. Gav reconed the rings had gone. I still had a couple of good races finishing sixth both times. We decided not to push our luck and so I dropped out of the two 350 special races, I didn't want to blow the bike up. Talking of blowing bikes up, I thrashed the little Rudge to within an inch of it's life in the first pre 34 race and it finally let go on the last lap so I didn't get to finish a race on it this time. I did have two major grass track moments during the day, one on the Ducati and one on the Rudge. I managed to knock down all the grid signs whilst taking an off road detour on the Rudge, and travelled the whole length of the back straight off road on the Ducati but at least I didn't fall off!
That was that for Cadwell but a lot of fun was had. We are off to Mallory Park next weekend for the festival of 1000 bikes, where we are taking the outfit out for a couple of sessions which I am really looking forward to. I will tell you all about it when we get back.