Friday, 12 June 2009


What a day we had! Once again we were so busy that I forgot to get the camera out. Maybe I should get somwone else to take photos! Well, where do I start. Arrived in the dry on Saturday night which was a blessing but woke up to steady rain in the morning. We both managed an early practice before the rain really came in. I was out on the rudge in the first race and we struggled to start the bike, me and Phil charging up and down the paddock. Just got going and on the track in time for the start. Finished the race after cutting out several times around the hairpin etc. All due to the damp conditions. Took the ducati out in very wet conditions which seemed to work in my favour as I got a good second place. Phil was in the chair again for a morning race and this time they got to the last lap before retiring. Things are getting better! The rest of our racing was after lunch, with the rain gone and the track drying out. Phil had two good forth places on the bantam, which seemed to be going well. It was hit and miss if the bantam would be ready for Mallory but Phil pulled out all the stops and the bike ran well for the day. He then went out in the chair once more on Phil Sykes outfit and this time, shock horror, they finished a race! Not only that but they came third! Result. I missed a couple of rudge races, one I came in after spotting a sudden oil leak, and the other was due to total destruction of the new alloy pushrods I had fitted for the meeting. Live and learn. My second ducati race got me a fifth place, it seems the gearing was better in the wet as I couldn't keep up in the dry! My last race on the rudge was exciting. There were two championships running at the same time with the faster bikes starting behind us. As the leader passed me at the bus stop I was forced off the track and launched into the air. I landed back on the track for the second rider to stuff me up the back wheel, and still they couldn't knock me off! The second and third riders did fall off so I hope they are OK. Needless to say I finished this race as well so had a couple of rudge races.
Suddenly it was the end of the meeting but we both had a great time. This week I have been working on the Triumph outfit, getting it ready for the festival of 1000 bikes, and today, Friday 12th June, I have just picked up a Triumph TT600 so I am off for a test ride now!