Saturday, 18 July 2009


This was the big moment for team wildcard, a proper go on the new Triumph outfit to see if it would work. We arrived at the festival on Saturday evening and got set up and then when straight to the ace cafe tent and danced all night to the rock and roll band! What a great night. Sunday started dry and remained that way all day. We picked up a new team nickname, Torvil and Dean. A quick look over the outfit and then we were out for the first session. I was taking it easy as I had no idea what I was doing but it all went suprisingly well and the outfit felt good, nice and stable anyway. A quick look at the plugs when we got in showed it to be running lean, at least on one side. We will look into this more when we get home but for now we just upped the mains a tad. Met the guy, Dave Skinner, who owned the outfit for many years before us and knew all about it. I will be phoning him for more info on timing etc. when we get home but it was really interesting to talk to him about the history. Out for the second session and this time I turned it on a bit more and that was when it all just clicked into place. It felt fantastic, and I never gave an instance thought to Phil in the chair, so he must have been doing a great job. What a grin, we both loved it. In fact we loved it so much that we have entered the outfit for Lydden, our next race meeting, and that will be the final test for team wildcard's outfit caper. watch this space!