Saturday, 18 April 2009


Hi there. Well, the racing season got off to a good start at Mallory for both me and Phil. We were so lucky with the weather for despite the forcast it remained dry all day. Phil arrived with his bantam race ready after a series of disasters in the garage during the rebuild after practice. Needless to say the bike performed well and completed both the championship races with Phil getting a forth and fifth, a good result at the start of the season. I watched both his races and Phil and the bike were going well.
Trevor turned up with the Velo, but he has been working such long hours recently that the bike had had no prep at all! A couple of laps was all it took to go bang! A closer inspection in the paddock showed a collapsed piston, not a pretty sight.
Gav turned up with the Ducati which I took out for practice and then both championship races. Due to unforseen problems it was fitted with the spare, low compression top end but still seemed to be going well. I had a couple of good races, finishing fifth and sixth, not too bad for starters.
I took both the Rudges out as well. I dropped out of the pre 34 race with gearbox problems but managed an eighth in the 250 class before a slipping clutch got the better of me. Both Rudge engines were working fine which is the main thing.
So all in all a good first meeting for team wildcard.