Saturday, 18 April 2009


This was always going to be an interesting day, as neither me or Phil have had control of an outfit before, but the grin factor turned out to be even bigger than expected. Once again the forcast was rain and more rain but we ended up with a dry day apart from a drop of the wet stuff at lunchtime. Friends of ours Mike and Sarah came up as well, and Mike brought his big KTM for a blast around the track, which we all had a go on at some point. The test track at the Haynes motor museum was ideal for testing and we made good use of the full day. We had the track to ourselves which made for a very relaxing time. The good news is we all managed to get around without crashing, although I think I came the closest in that respect, lifting Phil a few feet off the ground on a tight left hander! The outfit basically ran fine although we did discover a few small problems throughout the day. Phil worked on the carbs to iron out a flooding problem, and we realized at the end of the day that the constant misfire at lower revs was caused by the fact that a carbon brush was missing from one of the magneto pick ups. It would only jump the gap and fire at higher revs, a problem we can easily sort out at home. What a laugh it was, we all had a go driving and in the chair but I think as far as me and Phil go it worked out best with Phil in the chair. Roll on festival of 1000 bikes at Mallory in July, where we will be taking the outfit out again for it's final test before racing.