Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Hi there. So we went to Mallory for our practice day last friday (27/03/09 ) and we were lucky with the weather as it was dry and mostly sunny all day. I took Gav's 350 Ducati out for a couple of sessions, and apart from snapping off the exhaust everything went very well. I am really starting to enjoy riding it. Phil took the lc bantam out but it seized. He managed to get it back in and when we got home a bottom end strip showed the main bearing had failed. Should be ready for easter! Mark took the other bantam out but it wasn't running right so that needs to be looked at soon. I had my two rudges at practice. The first one is going really well, or at least it was until the main axle nut came off! No damage done and it is ready for easter. The second rudge was not running so well, and then a stuck push rod meant a bent exhaust and inlet valve. I have made a couple of new valves now and the engine is back together. I have got a feeling that the ignition timing might have been out but I have re-set it now so we shall have to wait until easter to find out if it is running any better.
As a pre-cursor to our sidecar racing, Phil went out as passenger on a big wheel triumph 6T owned by Dave Sykes, and weirdly seemed to enjoy it! That at least bodes well for our up and coming debut. To finish off the day I was offered the chance to take out the Henshaw's 350 enfield. Needless to say I took it out for two sessions and it was a great bike to ride and the offer was much appreciated. Roll on easter monday! Which reminds me, two days after easter monday race we are taking the outfit to the test track at Haynes motor museum for the day to find out if we can go round corners! We will let you know!