Tuesday, 10 March 2009

pre season 2009

Hi all. Well it is the beginning of March already! This is a short update just to let you know what has been happening over the winter, and what to expect for the coming season. To start with, Phil has brought the lc bantam he was riding last season, and has already fixed the bike after the high speed crash at Cadwell last year. As we speak the bike is being race prepped and will have a brand new paint job for the season. We will be posting photos shortly. He also intends to have his other Bantam, Josie, ready for the season, and our friend Mark will be taking it in turns with Phil to ride it.
I have spent the winter rebuilding my second Rudge, so now I have two 250's again. Both have newly built engines in them so I expect to do a fair amount of testing to start with this season. More good news, I have been offered the chance to compete in the Ducati championship this season on the Andy Farrer 350, now owned by Gav Pearson. I had a lot of fun on this bike at Cadwell at the end of last season so I am really looking forward to a whole championship on it.
Even more news! I have just brought a 1954 racing outfit, powered by a triumph 650 6T engine with a Norton gearbox and a heavily modified Norton frame. This is an early kneeler and looks great! We have had it running already and will be prepping it soon. Neither of us has got any experience on outfits so this should be a laugh. I have just booked it in at the festival of a 1000 bikes in July this year, and this may well be the first outing for us and the outfit. Pictures to follow shortly.
So there you have it, we will be heading off for practice on 27th March with both the Bantams, the two Rudges and the Ducati so it should be a busy day! I will update the blog after that. Bye.