Friday, 3 October 2008

Cadwell Park - 27/28 September

Well this turned out to be a very eventful meeting in many ways. I was having trouble with my vehicle so we put the Rudge into Phil's van along with the two Bantams, and all the tools and spares went into Mark's van. Phil lent Mark his Bantam ( josie ) for Cadwell. We arrived Friday late afternoon just as the Friday track day was winding up. It was a bit chaotic in the paddock for a while but we ended up in our usual spot. I had to wait until Saturday morning for the 350 Ducati to arrive so we scrutineered the bantams and the rudge and grabbed some food and an early night ( well I did anyway ! ). Next morning brought a blanket of mist which lasted until midday. I met Gav who arrived with the Ducati and I was lucky enough to take it out in the only practice of the morning. Racing finally started early afternoon and I managed a couple of laps on the Rudge before it snapped a valve and chewed it's way through the piston. Phil and Mark were next out with Phil getting a fifth and Mark finishing his first ever race! I took the Ducati out in the 350 special race and really enjoyed it, finishing fifth. Phil and Mark had another Bantam race with similar results and that was the end of the first days racing. We met James that morning and he was racing the C15 in the 250 races. We watched the first one and noticed his exhaust had come away from the engine in the first lap. He carried on, making much noise, until it finally dropped off on the last lap. Needless to say he carried on to finish the race!
We had a great barbecue that evening with Trevor and Lenny and Verner and two of my friends, Mike and John, who rode up from Cornwall that morning on Mike's KTM, a cold 350 mile trip. I took the opportunity to put the spare- spare engine in the Rudge.
Next day started well but the Rudge wasn't running right so I didn't take it out any more. I took the Ducati out and it wasn't going quite as well as before so Gav did a bit of work on it and the final time I took it out it was going fine and I managed a forth place. Mark had a few more races which ended up in the novice race where he finished forth as well! Phil's third place in the championship was still undecided as he started the last championship race. He flew off the line and up the hill and was in second place when he clipped a bike he was overtaking and had a spectacular off. He and the bike slid up the track for ages, with all the bikes behind taking avoiding action, some on the grass and Mike Powell even jumped clean over Phil's bike! That was the end of Phil's third place. He cut his hand quite badly and we did spent a while in A + E later that night while he had it stiched up, but Phil was in good spirits throughout.
And so to the end of the season, and what a full on way to end it. Phil will be fixing the Bantam which he has decided to buy and race next year. I will be fixing the Rudge, and hopefully I will get to ride the Ducati again next year, and Mark will no doubt be racing in the Bantam championship. I spoke to James who brought and raced my C15 and he says he will be out next season as well, so roll on next year!