Thursday, 18 September 2008

Lydden 30 / 31 Aug.

This is one of the meetings we look forward to the most. For the last three years it has also been the memorial meeting for our great friend and mentor Tim Johnston. There is always a full on barbecue on the saturday night and this year was no exception. Tim's brother Trevor supplied the three barrells of beer and the huge amount of food was cooked by Andy Hunt and Stu Noble with help from their friends, whilst their partners Steff and Yvonne were in charge of serving, with me and Phil willing helpers as was Jane . It was a great success, with the only dubious point being when me and Phil attempted to entertain the masses with our song about racing.
Anyway, with regards to the racing, lets start with Phil. Phil had two good days racing on the bantam with solid finishes up to forth and no mecanical issues. This has put him in third place in the championship with only Cadwell to go, which is going to be a very exciting meeting.
I also had a good weekend on the Rudge, actually I believe this is the first meeting of my season that I finished a race! The good news was I had eight races on the Rudge with no mecanical problems and I even managed a forth! Phil also lent me his bantam, josie, so I could enter a couple of cup races which was great. Trevor was having a good weekend on the velo until the last race when the oil tank collapsed and oil on the back tyre sent him off. Bth the bike and Trevor were battered and bruised but hopefully they will both be back for Cadwell.
Once again Jane handed out the Tim Johnston trophies on the start finish line to the winners of the champion of champions races.
We are now looking forward to Cadwell where Phil is hoping to keep his third place in the championship and I am looking forward to more time on the Rudge as well as the chance to ride a 350 Ducati, more an that later!