Saturday, 16 August 2008

Anglesey 9/10 Aug.

It's becoming a habit at the moment but Phil went to race at Anglesey this weekend on his own once again. I picked up another bantam rider on the way up ( Mick Potter ). Slow journey but not too bad, arriving at 9.30pm. Sat. race day started at 5am with the gazebo destroying itself against the side of the van! scrutineered at 8am to find out the the poor weather conditions, mainly high winds, meant that racing was cancelled for the morning. Things started moving after lunch but again no racing, just practice. I went out in the second session and after a few laps and an off in front of me, poor visibility due to the mist I decided to call it a day.
Sunday morning was much brighter. Started at the back of the grid for the first bantam race of the day and managed to fight my way up to forth place by the end of the race, despite filling ill due to a stomach bug. Second bantam race once again started at the back of the grid and got up to fifth by the end, which was enough to pull me up to fifth in the championship. went out in a later cup race and used it as an opportunity to try out a carb setting change. Had a good race and the bike seemed slightly crisper. All in all I had a good weekend with lap times dropping by over two seconds throughout the day. Can't wait to get to Lydden, and this time Miki will be there!