Monday, 28 July 2008

Festival of 1000 bikes 12 13 July

Hi, I am back at last after allowing work to interfere with my racing ( poor show ). Having blown up my new Rudge engine at Donington I had to put a spare engine together for Angelsea and this seemed like a good place to test it. Set off 2.30am on Sun. morning and arrived at Mallory just after 6. Straight in and scrutineered and signed on and was sitting down to a full cooked breakfast by eight oclock, well I wasn't out on the track until the afternoon. I spent the rest of the morning looking around the festival and watching the bikes out on the track. The weather was great! Took the Rudge out for two sessions in the afternoon and the bike went with no problems at all. If only it would do that on race days!I will be putting another spare engine together to take to Angelsea as I won't have the good one finished in time. Saw Robbie Brown there and he had his leg all caged up with loads of pins in all over the place!