Monday, 28 July 2008

Mallory Park Sun. 22nd June

Miki was busy working away so I ( Phil ) went to Mallory on my own, taking Ted's Lc bantam and my bantam Josie. No problems on the way up and met Trevor Johnston in the paddock so had a good evening with him and Lenny and got an earlyish night! Mick Potter and Ted Smith turned up in the morning so we teamed up in the paddock.
First race I started at the back but got a much better start than previously( made a few changes before Mallory). Bike was going well and felt my confidence growing. Finished forth, not too bad from the back of the grid. Next was the 250 race on Josie. Started near the back again, next to the great Rudge racer Mervin Stratford. Josie did us proud again and after a brilliant battle with Sam Rhodes on his Velo I finished ninth.
I was well fired up now so charged off from the front row in the second bantam race and held position for four laps. Had a good battle with Mike Powell until I did two stoppies going into the hairpin before hitting Powell and taking us both out. Whoops! I came away with a couple of cracked ribs and Mike was unhurt but not too happy with me. After a trip to the medical centre and scrutineering I went out on the bantam in the bsa/velo challange. Was doing OK after a slowish start ( my ribs were hurting ) and was moving up the pack but then Robbie Brown came off hard at Edwinas and badly broke his leg. Of course the race was stopped. I am now looking forward to Angelsea.