Saturday, 3 May 2008

Donington Park 27/04/08

We arrived at Donington Sat. evening got scrutineered and went to the pub! Forcast was rain for Sunday but the day started bright and clear. Picked up my new starter rollers on the way up but didn't get a chance to set them up. Went out for practice on the C15 . Great track, fast. Racing was slow to start but I got my first race before lunch which is more than Phil did. I managed to go offroading three times on my first lap, a new record for me. Then the clutch started slipping and I ended up in the kitty litter. Whoops! Phil took the new Bantam out after lunch and I took a break from fitting the spare engine in the Rudge to go and watch. Phil pulled himself up into forth place and then one or two mistakes meant that he couldn't quite make third or second, finishing less than a second behind them. I went out on the C15 for the second time and things were going much better until lap two, i went to change into forth and look, no gear lever! Glanced down to see the lever and linkage trailing along by the rear wheel. I was a little concerned it might dig in and have me off but what the hell, so I finished the race stuck in third gear all the way. Lucky for me the bike has a rev limiter. Next it was out on the Rudge to be welcomed by the long promised rain. After the sighting lap we were all on the grid and ready to go when they cancelled the rest of the meeting due to the weather. Never mind, we still had a good day. Note thet Phil's Bantam carries the number 141. This is because he lent it to another rider for the day.