Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Mallory test day and Mallory race Easter Sunday

So we got all four bikes up and ready for the test day on Friday 14th march and we were very lucky with the weather. I had the 250 rudge and the C15, and Phil had the new bantam and his green one. Both my bikes tested well although the rudge developed a fuel leak from a split tank and the tappets went wildly out of adjustment. I retired the C15 from testing when it developed gearbox trouble. Both bantams tested fine. Back home I fixed the fuel tank and stripped the C15 gearbox to find an easy to fix problem with the selector fork.
Drove back up to Mallory on Sat. 22nd March ready for the Sun. race meeting. Got up at six thirty to find a good inch of snow cover everywhere! It did clear quickly and we got out for practice about 10 am. Unfortunatly one of the three wheelers dropped it's oil on last practice and despite the efforts of the track and marshalls it was not possible to clear and at 2pm the meeting was finally cancelled. We were gutted.
Back home and we have four weeks before Donnington so I have decided to build the new rudge engine and test it there.