Friday, 16 May 2008

Three Sisters Wigan

Phil did this meeting on his own as I couldn't make it. This is his account of the weekend.
Left Friday 9th May, lunchtime, M6 usual nightmare, arrived at 6.30pm, just in time to miss scrutineering! Joined the bantam boys in the paddock and got an early night in readiness for the weekends' racing. I entered the 125 in the bantam class, and my 175 in the 250 class, and I took the 125 out for practice. Bantams out in race one, I soon remembered how hard it is to overtake at three sisters, having had a bad start. Fought my way up to a fifth place finish. The first 250 race ended in a dnf after the bike fired its' spark plug at the opposition in an attempt to dismount a passing rider. Whoops! must remember to tighten the plug properly next time. Changed the 125 gearing at lunchtime, slightly lower, afternoon times were slower but the bike felt better to ride. Spent the best part of the race trying to pass the very experienced Pete Tibbets who held me to another fifth place finish. Second 250 race began with a misfire which cleared through the race, I finished mid field.
Sun was as bright and dry as Saturday. Bantams out first again, after another bad start I started reeling in Robbie Brown until the bike once again started firing bits of itself at other riders, this time the silencer, slowing me down and leading to another fifth place. First 250 race and josie was still misfiring but finished the race midfield. Last bantam race brought my best times of the weekend, once again behind Mr. Tibbets having momentarily passed him. Last 250 race, after fitting a new plug and bypassing the kill switch, the bike went well. Had a good race with the mixed 250 field, good practice for overtaking. Finished fifth.
All in all a good weekend on the new bike. Realized I need to work on my starts and overtaking. Josie was her usual reliable self, apart from my mistake with the plug! Looking forward to Mallory when I should be out on both bikes again.