Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Mallory Easter 2017

We all made it to Mallory for a dry weekend. Exciting news- not using Edwina's so back to a more original Mallory track which proved to be so much better and more fun.
Due to delays, Phil only had one race on the Saturday, but it was a good one, and he finished 4th, behind Ian Henshaw.
I took the daytona out for a couple of races and the bike was running well apart from jumping out of fourth. I am still looking for that last couple of mph to make it more competitive.
Werner chaired the BAT outfit with me and we went out a couple of times as well, but the outfit wasn't running right in top. Despite that we had a coupole of good races, and managed to beat Wickett/Colin in one race!
Sunday was more of the same. Phil had a busy day with three championship races and the over fifties race to fit into the day. A sneaky adjustment to the exhaust timing saw the 350 Triumph running really well. Once again there was close racing with Henshaw and Leather and Phil had 4th, 3rd and 2nd finishes. He also knocked one and a half seconds off his personal best lap times, although it is difficult to compare with the lack of Edwinas.
I took the daytona out for two more races and the bike was running well. I think we managed one more race on the outfit and that was it.
Wickett finished all his races and the outfit was looking and sounding good, although they had a lot of initial trouble getting through noise testing!