Monday, 23 October 2017

Updates for the 2017 season

Hi all.
This is an update for this year. We have all been useless at regular updates I am afraid!
Mallory Practice March 24th.

My birthday, and a great way to spend it. I took the 500 daytona and the triumph outfit ( bat) and Phil took the 350 Triumph. Chris and Colin were also there with the other Triumph outfit. This was one of the only times this year that teamwildcard have all been together. Werner met up with us there to go in the chair for me.
the Bat had been resurrected over the winter and had a series of minor but annoying problems throughout the day, but I suppose that is what testing is all about.
The daytona was going well until the swinging arm adjuster bolt on the rickman frame came loose leaving the rear end flopping about. Quite daunting coming out of Geralds at full chat. Fixed that easily enough but followed up with the gearbox camplate pivot coming out!
 Phil had his usual trouble free day completing three good runs on the 350 Triumph.
I will leave it to Chris to update you all on his day as I can't really remember, but I think the outfit was running OK apart from an ignition problem?

Prescott Hill Climb.

We were invited to attend this great day put on by the blood bikes charity as a fund raiser. It was a remarkable day with a whole host of amazing bikes everywhere! I took the outfit and Phil took the trusty 350. He managed a couple of impressive runs up the hill seeing he never got out of second gear. Phil was passenger on the outfit which turned in to a teamwildcard version of the keystone cops! There was a push start ban in the racing paddock so needless to say we did several dramatic push starts on the Bat, with marshals and public alike parting like the red sea as we roared into life. We had dispensation on the start line due to my problems in finding neutral, and basically just shot out of the paddock and onto the track! After all that we snapped the drive chain on the first run and had to push back. Second time out was a similar start but this time we shot off up the track only to start misfiring on the first corner. Phil was bashing me on the leg and I was looking down expecting to see the carb off but no, and suddenly we were running right again. This kept on all the way to the top. It was only on the return to the paddock that Phil explained that my baggy leathers kept being sucked up into the carb bellmouths! Could have been worse I suppose.
We have been invited back to their two day extravaganza next year (i am not sure why!) on the 14/15th April. Definitely worth a visit, it was a brilliant day out.
I will log these two posts now and follow up with others shortly, as well as photos.