Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Mallory Park 9th 10th April 2016

Mallory Park  BHR 

9th 10th April 2016

We arrived in good time to sort the tent before dark ,still very cold but this time Daphne accompanied me and was a great help over the weekend . 

Miki , Phil and Colin were all present and the weekend started well ,all the machines past noise test and we prepared to practice for the first race . Phil's Triumph failed going around Gerrards right hander and that was that for him ,he decided to go home to investigate the cause ,  The Kneeler Ming was not having it also with oil pressure and electrical problems we only practiced and had a slow race on Sunday , this was not good  ,Thankyou Colin for your support , Miki had a trouble free weekend after his efforts with only miner issues and looked fast , not sure of lap times ,but his machine kept going , This was a test for a future event , Phil and Miki are going to push the bikes and themselves to the limit in a straight line and attempt to break the UK land speed record in there class , but more of that later, It was good to see Lenny and Trevor on Sunday along with Malcom and Donna  ,the weather was very good and the racing was excellent .Heres looking forward to Darly Moor .