Wednesday, 13 April 2016

mallory park 18th March 2016

Mallory Park , 18th march 2016

So here we are once again test session before the start of the season , l arrived early evening to watch the cyclist lap the circuit untill dark ,some kept going with there lights on till 9pm, it was very cold and not many riders were in the paddock. 
Colin arrived ,then Phil who was testing his 350 Triumph but more of that later. No Miki who had work comittments, Colin sorted my tent and it was the coldest night experienced for a long time. Ice on the tent ,well it was March after all. In the morning after the bikes were looked over the session started unlike the Ming who refused to fire, like l said it was cold but eventually he fired up and sounded good. Our first laps on the outfit were steady and we soon got up to race speed, only problem we had was a dodgy master cylinder which was replaced for the race meeting, I left the session in hi hopes looking forward to the race meeting ,little did l know what was instore for us all , thats another story .