Sunday, 7 March 2010


Well, we made it to practice day, but without the outfit I'm afraid. For some reason I just can't seem to get it running at the moment. I have checked the valve timing and ignition timing dozens of times but no joy yet. It will be running for race day though, for sure. So me and Phil went to practice with our friend Chris Wickett ( two t's ). I took my two Rudges and Chris rode one of them while I rode the other. Phil took the air cooled Bantam ( Josie ). The weather was great, if a little cold to start with, and we had a great first outing. By mid afternoon we had had three sessions each with no real problems, so we decided to all go out together for our last session. We stuck together for the first three laps and then me and Phil took the Bantam and the Rudge for a head to head for the last three laps. It was neck to neck all the way, and only a very pushy entry into the bus stop saw the Rudge over the line first. What a fantastic day we had. Wickett was eyeing up an outfit for sale in the paddock, he has got the bug for sure.
We called in at the Rudge AGM the next morning on the way home, where I was lucky enough to pick up the Jack Lennon trophy. Just want to say a quick thanks to my brother John for re-vamping the team wildcard web site, it looks great. We will be adding some new pictures soon. Roll on Easter Monday, we will all be at Mallory, Chris will be racing the season with us this year and is a new member of team wildcard.