Thursday, 14 December 2017

Pendine Sands September 17th

I booked a mobile home next to the beach for three days which gave me and Phil somewhere to sleep which turned out to be a good idea as Phil was quite ill and the weather was rough on Sunday.
Saturday was fine though, and I took the BAT outfit out for a total of 5 runs, but none of them were any good due to an ongoing missing problem. Best run was a poor 74mph.
Phil had the T21 out having changed the spec from circuit to straightline. He also remounted the front numberplate and fitted a screen so he could run in the M.P.S.P.F 350 class.
Dropped a drive chain on the first run and the bike wasn't revving out properly in top. As yet the reason is unknown. Managed 88.141mph.
Sunday was called off due to the weather so that was a bit of a average end to our season.
I had to totally strip the outfit when I got home due to the wet sand and salt going everywhere!
I will load more photos asap.