Monday, 10 November 2014

Lydden Hill July 5/6th 2014

 Lydden Hill - July 5/6 2014

Phil had quite a long haul to the race meeting with H20 leaking out from the water pump, needing filling every 25 miles , he made it and prepared for the racing , I had a steady drive , being misled by the GPS twice but arrived and had a beer after saying hello to Trevor and Lenny, and Colin who arrived later with two bikes ,my ride ,the John Caffrey Weslake and a very unusual Puch.The weather was glorious on Friday but a complete change for Saturday practice .

Both of Phils bikes went well in practice except the rear shocks (T21) needed softer settings , Ming was pulling like a train and sounded good with no real issues and we all were ready for a good weekend event .

The track was drying and Phil after a good start finished 4th on the Triumph with suspension tweeks paying off. T21s second race after another tweek on the shocks did'nt fair well and was to soft ,but still managed to finish 6th 
First race on the outfit went very well chasing Dennis and Sophie who were leading , we finished second , well done Colin .
Phil riding the LC 'Elsie Bantam was flying in the first race finishing 4th , the second race he had problems with the throttle but still managed 5th .
Colin and myself had a glorious start on pole in the sidecar race, leading for 2 laps , nudged by Dennis and Sophie who passed us and got away , but we slowly started to catch them,but going into Devils elbow the engine in the outfit let go and we stopped DNF .
Had a good P6 parade ride on the Westlake with a good scrap with a similar machine and shook hands with the rider , looking forward to having more rides on the bike