Friday, 27 June 2014

The Three Sisters 10/11 May 2014

A very wet Three Sisters greeted Phil , Miki and Chris and Colin Banks ,my new side car rider .The mood was very apprehensive , because of the conditions ,very slippy ,Phil's nemesis,(he lost a little bit of himself there ) .The event was generally down on competitors ,but that being said we were ready to do the business .

Saturday: , on the BSA ,Phils first race was wet he was going well but the race was red flagged .
Second bantam race ,a fair start ,but Phil had tyre problems and a few scary moments ,lowered the pressures and had a better ride in the cup race .

Triumph 350 /21 first race was dry he diced and beat 2 /350 Manx Nortons .
Second race race was very wet , he had a flying start and finished 2nd .

Miki on the 500 Rickman Mettise ,good choice of bike, but did not  feel happy about the riding conditions , a concern for all.A steady ride , I think we all needed a boat  it was bad on the tack.

Sidecar : Myself and Colin worked well on theTriumph  kneeler  outfit Ming , new circuit and new passenger ,we had some wicked slides (easer on the side car ) reminded me of going round the Tamar Inn @ Calstock Bike Festival ,but thats another story.
The racing was very wet but great fun , Colin is a brilliant passenger having ridden with Tony Bannister (big wheeler ) for several years.Colin enjoyed the outfit and helped to achieve our first win .

Sunday: Bsa ,First race Phil was flying in the wet , right tyre pressures and finished 4th .
Final race on the Bsa again he went well putting Phil  4th in the Bantam championship.
Phil finished 3rd on the Triumph even though he had handling problems .
Miki , Sunday, a very focused rider chatted about the conditions and said, in the wet you gotta push hard to heat the tyres ,he said , for more grip , it worked ,he pushed the limits as phil did and started to enjoy the racing and looked really smooth ,ending the event with a smile and in one piece , and off to bonny Scotland with Rona for a wellcomed break .