Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Practice for the new season went well at Mallory park, but was very cold, Phil's 350 Triumph was reluctant to start even on Ben's monster rollers, but eventually it spluttered into life, the other concern was tyre temperature , it was colder than a witches T.., but we all persevered and had no major offs. The Bantam went well for Phil with no issues, Jose on standby as always 
                         Miki was trying out his new ride 'the flying brick ' BMW for BEARS , quite frankly it was an accident waiting  to happen, even with good tyres , glad he got shot of it, I think he swapped it for a black London taxi ,(probably could have lapped quicker in that,) wheeler dealer eh, the blue BAT outfit was out of action waiting for a super quick engine but more of that later. 

April 21st

My silver 58 Triumph kneeler had a new pilot, Miki with me in the chair, just to keep my hand in, we were quick but had fueling problems in Gerard's rh, but still finished, both races .
Miki rode the BMW, fast but poor handling, it had to go, the look on his face said it all .
Phil had a good ride on the Bantam with a 3rd, but struggled with a slipping clutch in the second race.
He finished on the 350 Triumph (Lenny) in the first outing, fared better in the second race beating Ray Moore.


Phil raced at this meeting , no Miki and Chris, no outfits.
BSA Bantam LC went well finishing 3rd, and three 4ths, brilliant .
The 350 Triumph went well with new gearing but had a DNF because of a 20p bolt ,
so came back with a vengeance and finished 5th in the next three races .


Phil riding solo run, out in the 250 race and had a quick start on the Triumph 350 finishing 3rd,out of three in his class, and I was settling down and getting used to the 350.
The Bantam although geared a little high so wasn't quick off  the line, even so by lap 2, he was lying 3rd when the front let go and he was off, medic said I was concussed so that was that, bike was alright though ish

JULY 27th 28th

Full team this time, Miki, Phil and Chris .
From the previous race meet, Phil had to replace a shock and sort the wiring ,and quite frankly he was flying, finishing 3rd twice and 2nd and 4th, 6th when an electrical gremlin appeared .
Miki had a new machine, a 500cc Areal , but it refused to run properly, not without effort to sort, and was left to fettle with later.
The Bat went well and we had some great scraps (yours truly in the chair Miki twisting the throttle) ,great fun, although suggested to Miki to replace the front shocks , because they were past there sell by date fantastic racing , pictures soon.
The 350 Triumph Phil s ride was over-geared but he still managed  8th, and three 7ths out of 11 starters, watch this space.A great weekend, good music on Saturday night with a BBQ and beer.  

AUGUST 25th, 26th

Back to Mallory, racing the Ming 58 Triumph outfit, which went well, CJ in the chair ( was nice to see how you passengers work ) great fun, no engine problems or mishaps .
Phil sorted the gearing on the 350 and got a better start , and almost binned it in Gerrard's on lap 3 finishing 6th.Had a DNF in the next race, a sticky throttle, scary.
On the Monday he got a 7th and 5th place finish respectively.
Bantam went well with two 3rds but I was having trouble finding top gear, and consequently was hit , but managed to stay on finishing 4th in the CUP race, top gear remained a problem, but still managed to finish 3rd in two races.

The last meeting of the year and a cracking circuit , Phil once again was flying on the Bantam lc beating Robby Brown ,gaining 3rd in the BSA Bantam Championship  , three 5ths and one 4th, and 5th in the 350cc Championship on the Triumph, finishing 5th, 6th, 7th,and 9th.

Miki and Chris had a lot of fun on the Bat, although we had a few minor problems, ie coming out of the Barn section in the last race on Saturday the side car almost parted company with the bike, we limped back, at dusk and sorted it for Sunday's race, re wired, the bike that is, new bolts we were up for it and had a great race, my arms were pumped up, hard work but good fun. Exhaust sorted out for the last race we were both up for a fast race, 2nd lap going in to Barn chasing a BMW and Norton, the Norton hit the slower BMW and crashed out ,red flag and that was that, we were just about to overhaul them both, the Bat was flying, the crew were ok, that's racing.

Best wishes to all for next season 2014

Well done Trevor and Malcom 3rd in the big wheeler Championship